All Locations And Trackers For Helltide Tortured Gifts Of Mystery Chests In Diablo 4

All Locations And Trackers For Helltide Tortured Gifts Of Mystery Chests In Diablo 4:

In Diablo 4, it’s fun to be a warrior, but I quickly realized I had to be a better farmer. Even though I had several chances to farm within dungeons, Helltide turned out to be the best one.

You only have an hour to find the Tortured Gift of Mysteries boxes during these events, which only last an hour. The most expensive ones can only be opened with 175 Aberrant Cinders.

Here are the sites of each of the Diablo 4 Helltide Mystery Chests, so you can make sure you have enough resources to open them in time.

All Diablo 4 players will find that the true meat of the game is in the ending. After you finish the main story, you can play the harder parts of the game. You can start to level up the world, go into nightmare dungeons, fight world bosses, and do a lot more.

Helltide is a new part of Diablo 4’s ending. It has its own supplies and prizes, like the Tortured Gift of Mystery. These are places you can go to during a Helltide, but they are only there for a certain amount of time, which depends upon the Helltide timer.

There isn’t much known about this box, but it seems to only show up in certain places. This guide tells you where every single Tortured Gift of Mystery places are in Diablo 4 and what they do.

How To Open Gifts Of Mystery That Have Been Tortured:

During the Helltide event, the Tortured Gift of Mystery chest is the best chest you can find. It doesn’t show up on the map. Instead, it doesn’t show up until you’re close to that, and when you do, it appears as a symbol on your mini-map.

To find them, you’ll have to run all over the Helltide event. The Tortured Gift of Mysteries is different from the other boxes because it costs 175 Cinders to open.

However, opening it gives you a range of gifts. We suggest that you get on your horse and ride around to see if that will help you find the chest faster.

What Are Diablo 4 Helltides?

Helltides are only possible after World Tier 3, and they’ll be a big part of what you can do after the game ends in Diablo 4.

They sell rare materials like Fiend Rose as well as Forgotten Souls that are needed to upgrade gear. You may acquire good gear in general from Mystery boxes or use the other boxes to farm things for specific spots.

Helltides are usually up, but they aren’t always. The timer among Helltides lasts approximately 75 minutes, so you have to wait for one hour and fifteen minutes after the competition ends to look for more Mystery Chests.

Most of the time, that wait is worth it, in our experience. Helltides may be less tiring as well as more fun than Nightmare Dungeons. They also add some variety to the ending of Diablo 4, which can be very boring.

Also, when we’re playing our slow-moving Necromancer, knowing that we don’t really have to think regarding Cold Enchanted Elites or Teleporters was a huge help, since those have cost us some Nightmare dungeon completions.

Even though we don’t get Glyph gain from them, they’re still fun. But if you go into Helltide without being ready, you’ll quickly figure out why Mystery Chests are called that.

They only show displayed on the map when you’re close to them, so it assists to know where they are ahead of time. If you don’t, you might walk around randomly or even miss them. Here’s where you can find them in every place.

The Best Way To Find Current Tortured Gifts Of Mysteries:

It’s important to remember that not every place we’ve mentioned will be open during a Diablo 4 Helltide event.

Also, even if something is happening in a set spot, not every named place is going to be a Tortured Gift of Mystery. It’s pretty random where you may discover a chest and in what place it is.

Because the Tortured Gifts of Mystery are random, some fan websites have been keeping track of any active ones that players discover while playing the game.

Here are the websites we’ve used to help us find Tortured Gifts of Mystery in Diablo 4, making it easier to get these boxes.

Where To Find All The Helltide Tortured Gifts Of Mystery Chests:

We’ve listed where each of these boxes can be found in each of the five areas. There are a few big areas, and the Helltide event happens across three of the smaller ones, which are all linked.

The Tortured Gifts of Mystery seem to be in set places, but they can also be found where the normal boxes are or in other places.

Again, they don’t show up on the map, just on the mini-map. This page will be updated as we learn more about the Tortured Gifts of Mystery within Diablo 4.

All Dry Steppes Tortured Locations Of The Gift Of Mystery Chest:

Here are a few of the Tortured Gift of Mystery Chests we’ve found in Diablo 4’s Dry Steppes while exploring the area.

All Of The Places Where The Fractured Peak Tortured Gift Of Mystery Chests Are:

These are the places in Diablo 4’s Fractured Peaks where we’ve found the Tortured Gift of Mystery Chests.

All Locations Of Hawezar Tortured Gift Of Mystery Chest:

These are all the Tortured Chests you can find in Diablo 4’s Hawezar area.

All Of The Places Where Kehjistan Tortured Gift Of Mystery Chests Are:

Here’s where you will discover all of Diablo 4’s Tortured Chests within the Kehjistan area.

Locations Of All Scosglen Tortured Gift Of Mystery Chests:

Here are the known places where Scosglen Tortured Chests can be found in Diablo 4.

In order to get the Tortured Gift of Mysteries while participating in the Helltide event, you must have at least 175 Cinders. Even though you’ll have to fight and stay alive for a long time, the benefits will be great.

Even though you’ll need to be careful when fighting enemies during Helltide, they’ll be much stronger than normal monsters, and when you die, you’ll drop cinders as well as lose progress.


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