Notes On The June 13 Update And Patch For GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries

Notes On The June 13 Update And Patch For GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries:

Merryweather Security is just as crooked as everyone else in that town, but word on the street is that those shady contract killers are growing and trying to get rid of any wild competition in Southern San Andreas.

This could be the last straw for free agents in the criminal underground. It’s time to strike them where it hurts. With its big summer update, GTA Online now has a lot of new things for players to try out.

GTA gets changes every week, which can be confusing, but it also gets bigger updates less often that add a lot more to what fans can do. Here are the official GTA Patch Notes for thirteenth of June 2023, to help you understand this big summer update.

San Andreas Mercenaries, a new game mode for GTA Online, went live upon the thirteenth of June 2023.

It is the biggest change to this game since it came out almost ten years ago. The original patch notes can be found at the link in the next Tweet. If not, an overview of the most important parts is given below.

Notes On The June 13 Update For GTA Online:

The official GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries update patch notes start with the Los Santos Angels. Then they talk about some changes to the Avenger and the Hangar.

Operations Terminal:

An Operations Terminal can now be bought for your Avenger. This Operations Terminal helps you do three LSA Operations tasks and 6 Project Overthrow operations for up to 14 people.

LSA Operations:

You can start these Free Mode tasks by calling Charlie Reed.

Mammoth Avenger Changes:

You are not required to possess a Facility to buy this car anymore. The Avenger can be kept in a Hangar and upgraded with machine guns, missiles, a computer for the stealth module, as well as a missile lock-on jammer, among other things.

Mammoth Avenger Thruster:

Now, you can put the Thruster inside the Avenger.

Hangar Changes:

There are now new tasks to find and sell cargo. Rooster McGraw can help you find cargo, and if you call Ron in Free-mode, you can get new Source Cargo Missions.

For this service, you may elect for skipping the setup task. This update also added a Mk II Weapon Workshop, new snacks, and a few places to pick up weapons.

Career Progress:

It gives you tasks to do and awards you when you finish them. There are four levels of problems to solve.


Members of the Vinewood Car Club can rent and buy some cars at a price of 20% or more. From time to time, the chosen cars will switch places. From the Interaction Menu, you can ask to try out one of The Vinewood Car Club’s cars.

QR Code Sign-In:

Players can now sign in through mobile as well as web browser through reading a QR code and entering a one-time code.

This makes it easier to sign in on consoles without getting to use the web browsers built into the consoles. This is also meant to make it easier for people to create accounts and make computers safer.

List Of All New Vehicles:

Vehicle Name Type
Groti Itali GTO Stinger TT Sports
Maibatsu MonstroCiti Off-Road
Declasse Walton L35 Off-Road
Vapid Ratel Off-Road
Vapid Clique Wagon Muscle
F-160 Raiju Plane
Mammoth Streamer216 Plane

Players can also buy the Weeny Issi Rally, Toundra Panthere, Karin Hotring Everon, and Willard Eudora again whenever they want.

The Gun Van also has a new weapon called the Tactical SMG. Both male and female main characters get more than 160 and more than 220 clothes and items, respectively.

Within GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries, guys get two new haircuts and women get one.

New Step In My Career:

A tool called “Career Progress” that is only available on PlayStation 5 as well as Xbox Series X|S has been added. This lets players take part in a wide range of tasks in GTA Online and win special prizes. You can get to Career Progress from the Landing Page menu and the Pause menu.

Each part of Career Progress includes four levels of tasks, and each level can be finished to get a prize. Some tasks will take into account how far you’ve come so far, while others require you to begin from scratch.

Los Santos Angels:

Players can join Charlie Reed’s ‘Los Santos Angels’ group by buying and installing the recently released Operations Terminal in their Mammoth Avenger.

Players can start six new “Project Overthrow” story missions as well as three new “LSA Operations” in Free-mode from the Operations Terminal.

In Free-mode, you can start LSA Operations through calling Charlie Reed. The recently introduced Story Missions can be done by one to four people.

The Protector:

Aside from the Operations Terminal, the Mammoth Avenger now has new changes and improvements that can be bought. The Avenger is now available for purchase without first having to own a Facility. The Avenger is able to be kept in a Hangar that you own.

With a Workshop update, you can now buy the following mods for the Avenger inside a Hangar you already own.

  • Machine guns were run by the pilots.
  • Missiles Controlled by Pilots.
  • Stealth Module Autopilot Defense.
  • Missile Lock-On Jammer Autopilot Defense.
  • Thruster for the Mammoth Avenger A Mammoth Thruster is able to be kept as a backup vehicle in the Avenger and called for in Free-mode.


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