All Hetsu Locations And Storage Upgrades In Tears Of The Kingdom

All Hetsu Locations And Storage Upgrades In Tears Of The Kingdom:

Within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, gamers are likely to search for ways to make Link’s supplies bigger right from the start.

Those who played Breath of the Wild, the game that came before this one, will remember how often Link got the feared message “You can’t carry any more.”

Link will have to use his small bags again until he meets Hestu, the dancing Korok who has the power to make Link’s goods bigger.

Within Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Hestu walks around a bit more, but the main way to add items to your collection is still the same. Make sure you save some Koroks upon the way so you can gather sufficient Korok Seeds to present to Hestu.

Hestu’s role is almost the same within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Link will be able to go back into the open world of Hyrule once he has finished the training part.

After just enough time has passed for Link to get upset about how little room he has, he will flee into Hestu, who’s once more lost the seeds that belonged to his wonderful maracas.

Within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Link’s collection has changed in important ways, and this guide explains how you can improve it.

How To Improve Storage For Weapons:

Korok Seeds are another upgrade item within Tears of the Kingdom which players may obtain by solving tasks and finding their hiding places throughout Hyrule. Link will be able to store all of his weapons if he finds and gives back 440 Korok Seeds.

Link’s fully improved kit will have 20 spots for weapons, 20 slots for shields, and fourteen slots for bows. This is in addition to the slots he opens with. Later within the game, when he gets certain important things, his stash will get more room to hold those items.

When you talk to Hestu, you can choose which of the three tabs in your stash you want to improve.

Hestu will give you one more inventory room in that stash if you give him a certain number of Korok Seeds. The total quantity of Korok Seeds you need to give him will go up each time you give him some.

Within Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll find a list of the quantity of Korok Seeds you need to gather and turn in for each new item Link can carry.

Upgrade Weapon Stash Korok Seeds Required Shield Stash Korok Seeds Required Bow & Arrow Stash Korok Seeds Required
1st Additional Slot 1 1 1
2nd Additional Slot 2 2 2
3rd Additional Slot 3 3 3
4th Additional Slot 5 4 5
5th Additional Slot 8 5 8
6th Additional Slot 12 10 12
7th Additional Slot 17 10 17
8th Additional Slot 25 10 25
9th Additional Slot 35 10
10th Additional Slot 45 10
11th Additional Slot 55 15
12th Additional Slot 15
13th Additional Slot 15
14th Additional Slot 15
15th Additional Slot 15
16th Additional Slot 20

Where To Look For Hestu:

Within Tears of the Kingdom, Link won’t meet Hestu until he gets back to the top. Link will have a few choices for where to go next after he talks to Purah, Robbie, and Josha.

At some point, Purah will tell Link that strange things have been happening in the four main areas of Hyrule, alongside Rito Village being mentioned as the first place to go. Now is the best moment for searching for Hestu because the first place he was seen is right on the road.

Northwest of Lookout Landing, close to Lindor’s Brow, you can find Hestu. His exact location is -1714, 1067, 0202, located southeast of the region’s Skyview Tower.

Until Link arrives to talk to him, he will look scared and shrink in fear. This will start the side quest “Hestu’s Concerns,” in which Link only needs to give him one Korok seed. In exchange, he is going to offer to improve one of Link’s bag spots. Hestu will only be able to do an improvement here twice.

Once Link has finished a pair upgrades, Hestu will provide him a very hazy hint that he is going east because he needs to be around more individuals. With that, Hestu leaves, putting an end to his short side quest.

How To Improve Inventory:

Upgrades for Hestu can be made to guns, bows, and shields. Every improvement branch is only impacted by upgrades in its own branch. For example, upgrades to bows won’t change how much it costs to improve guns, etc.

Each time you ask for an update, the price will go up, and the last few store spots will cost a lot of Korok Seeds. Link is going to look all over Hyrule for the seeds he needs to fully improve his collection.

The Second Place Where Hestu Is:

The next place to find Hestu is in Lookout Landing. This is the first place where Hestu will let Link improve his goods over and over again till he runs exhausted with Korok seeds. Under a tree at the locations -0024, 0059, 0018, you can find Hestu.

The Third Place Where Hestu Is:

The Korok Forest is the next place Hestu will go, and it may be the last. Link will stay in the same place for the rest of Tears of the Kingdom once he gets to the bush and finds Hestu.

But Hestu won’t show up here until Link has finished his conversation regarding the Deku tree. Once that is done, you can find Hestu at the following coordinates 0412, 2124, 0143.

Where To Look For Korok Seeds:

Korok Seeds are almost as easy to find within Tears of the Kingdom as they were in Breath of the Wild. Link will find many different signs that a Korok is nearby while he is out exploring. Here are a few examples.

  • There are nine stones in a circle, but one is missing.
  • A column with a missing piece that looks wrong.
  • A small brown stick with a leaf-shaped mark on it.
  • A Single rocks are put in interesting places, such as on the top of a cliff.
  • An unseen thing that moves around, often in shallow water, and is surrounded by sparkles.

There are, obviously, many more ways to meet someone and get a Korok Seed. In another new meeting in Tears of the Kingdom, a small Korok is completely worn out after carrying a big bag for a long time.

Link will hear that they are attempting to get in touch with a friend who is putting up smoke signals far away.

If you want to find every korok seed within Tears of the Kingdom, you should read this piece, All the Places within Hyrule Where You May Find Korok Seeds within Tears of the Kingdom. In it, I list every place in Hyrule where you may discover a korok seed.

Link must employ his Ultra-hand on the objects around him to make a way to cross the distance. He will be rewarded by receiving two Korok Seeds for his hard work. Link will often find a lot of seeds if he spends a lot of time looking for them.


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