10 Of The Best Bad Guys In Assassin’s Creed

10 Of The Best Bad Guys In Assassin’s Creed:

The Templars and the Assassins have fought in more than a dozen games. In the Assassin’s Creed world, fans have seen their fair share of great bad guys over the years. So, without further ado, here are the 10 best bad guys in the Assassin’s Creed game.

In recent years, the open world has become the main selling point of the Assassin’s Creed games, but the stories are still worth watching.

Heroes like Ezio Auditore, Altair, Connor Kenway, as well as Kassandra, among others, have stood out in the games, and they all had good enemies to fight against.

Still, it’s not just the figures with hoods and secret knives that are important. Often, the bad guys are just as important to the story.

So, it’s a good thing that there have additionally been a lot of great bad guys over the years. Most of the time, they are supporters of the Templar Order, but sometimes they are people from history. These ones are the best.

This Game Is Renowned For Its Well Created Character And Wide Ranging Words:

The Assassin’s Creed series is renowned for its wide-ranging worlds, amazing take upon historical fiction, and well-made characters.

Even though the heroes get most of the attention in each game, it’s the bad guys who make the story so exciting. So, alongside this in mind, we made a list of ten of the greatest bad guys who have appeared in the series.

Here Is A List Of The Ten Best Bad Guys In Assassin’s Creed:

We’ve listed ten of the villains we think are the best in the whole series below.

They’re not listed within a specific order due to each one possesses its own good points, but we think they’re the best when it comes to what the individual players are working in opposition to to fight for what’s right.


Francois Thomas Germain was a bad guy who is similar to most of the other bad guys within the Assassin’s Creed games.

During the French Revolution, Francois was the leader of the Templars. He was a power-hungry, smart, but still somewhat weak man, like many of the bad guys from the Assassin’s Creed games.

Germain was seen as a big enough threat that a killer named Arno Dorian had to work with a templar to beat him.

Cesare Borgia:

No one could eat the scenery like Starrick, whose whole act was to show how bad he really was. He only wanted the Shroud for bad reasons. He planned to take over all of England with the help of the Templars, and he didn’t care how many people died in the process.

Starrick didn’t want to change, and he didn’t care about other people. This made him the best bad guy for Jacob as well as Evie Frye because they discovered a common enemy.

Starrick was also back to form for the show, which had been switching between good and bad guys for the previous few years.

Robert De Sablé:

Robert de Sablé is the first bad guy we meet in the Assassin’s Creed series. Unlike the other bad guys on this list, he is a real knight templar from the Crusades, which is fitting.

He was born into a wealthy French family and is the 11th leader of the Templars. Robert gets what he wants by luring people in with promises of power in the world of the future he wants to make in exchange for their loyalty and favor.

Prince Ahmet:

Even though Prince Ahmet did some things that had been done before in the Assassin’s Creed series, like going on long speeches, he was a good final opponent for Ezio.

Ahmet’s desire for power showed Ezio that chasing after things such as the Apple of Eden just led to temptation, so he quit the Assassins.

Ahmet’s love of drama was interesting in a unique way, as he often put on a big show when he threatened people like Ezio and Prince Suleiman. He also gave players an exciting fight at the end of the Ezio Trilogy which was an excellent way to end it.

Crawford Starrick:

Crawford Starrick is the Grandmaster of the British Templar Order, which is a part of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. Starrick is a Templar, but he is a bit more practical and reasonable about everything.

Early on in the game, he seemed such as a businessman, a charmer, and a leader at heart. However, when the Frye twins begin messing up his plans, he becomes much more cruel and violent. Not only that, but the way he holds himself is just amazing.


The bad guys in Assassin’s Creed aren’t known for being likeable. But Deimos isn’t difficult to feel sorry for. The character was put to death to be a child because of a false promise. Even though they made it out alive, it put them in the hands of the bad Cult of Kosmos.

It’s an interesting story, as well as the reality that Deimos is the main character’s brother makes it even more so. They are also a huge physical threat because they are basically gods. So, they are pretty similar to the Eagle Bearer, who is the most powerful main character in the story.

Shay Cormac:

It’s possible that Shay Cormac is the most interesting thing on this list. He is officially a bad guy because he is an officer of the Knights Templar Order as well as a former killer who turned on the Brotherhood so he could hunt them and ultimately kill them.

But he achieved that because he thought the Brotherhood was getting too focused on their ideas and was headed in the wrong direction.

As the player controls him within the game, it’s impossible not to see himself as the hero of his personal narrative, but he’s nevertheless on the incorrect side of events.

George Washington:

Some people might find it strange to think of George Washington as a bad guy. Even though he burned down Connor’s town, he was still seen as a hero within Assassin’s Creed 3.

But it wasn’t the DLC The Tyranny of King Washington that proved how sneaky the first president could be.

It happened in a different reality and wasn’t real, but Washington showed it to Connor in a dream, so they both noticed what would happen if he claimed total power. So the vision schedule is still the official one.

Gaius Julius Caesar:

In Assassin’s Creed: Origins, Julius Caesar was mostly a friend of Cleopatra, the Pharaoh of Egypt. In real life, he had a reputation for being bold and determined, and these traits came through in his talks with Bayek as well as Aya.

Caesar makes Cleopatra the Pharaoh with the assistance of the Knights of the Ancients, which makes Bayek and Aya very sad. His deeds and goals make him a very interesting bad guy in the game.

Maxwell Roth:

Maxwell Roth is the bad guy in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, as well as John Hopkins, who played him, was clearly having a great time on the job.

Maxwell Roth is like Batman’s Joker in that he is a crazy person who acts like he can’t plan anything too complicated but has actually thought of everything.

At first, Roth cheats Jacob when he is working with him. This shows that this crazy man had plans from the beginning.


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