All Geoglyph Memories And Dragon Tear Locations In Tears Of The Kingdom

All Geoglyph Memories And Dragon Tear Locations In Tears Of The Kingdom:

Within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, there have been a lot of changes to the surface of Hyrule. One of these is the appearance of strange, glowing geoglyphs across large areas of the land.

A Tear of the Dragon is hidden in a small drop of light somewhere in each of these patterns.

When you find and connect with a Tear, it will give you a Memory from a long time ago in Hyrule that fills out the lives of Zelda, Rauru, Sonia, as well as Ganondorf. When you find every Tear, you’ll also find out where the Master Sword is and learn more about the Blood Moon.

Not only does it teach you a lot regarding the game’s main story, but it also gives you a clear tip about how to get a very important item. We won’t give away too much because we desire you to feel the joy for yourself.

Within Breath of the Wild, Link had to recover his memories in order to find geoglyphs. Within Tears of the Kingdom, however, Geoglyphs do a lot more than just fill out the story.

They are there to help Link fix the Master Sword. This guide shows players where each Geoglyph is, so they can find every one of the eleven Dragon Tears to obtain back the best tool ever.

Locations For Each Dragon Tear Geoglyph As Well As Memory:

There are 11 geoglyphs as well as twelve Tears of the Dragon Memories that can be discovered on the surface of Hyrule. The twelfth Dragon Tear doesn’t have a geoglyph, and you can only find it after you’ve found the first 11.

The geoglyphs show different people, things, and places from Hyrule’s past that have something to do with the Memory they open.

How Do Memories Work?

Memories are glimpses of the past that show the background of Hyrule, where it came from, and what happened during the Imprisoning War. Through these stories, you’ll learn regarding a few of the Zonai and where Hyrule came from.

It’s a treasure trove of information for fans of the series, and each story is longer and has more details than Link’s memories within BOTW.

You’ll receive memories both when you finish important parts of the story and when you find them during The Dragon’s Tears mission, which has you look at all of Hyrule’s geoglyphs.

How Do Geoglyphs Work?

After The Upheaval, when Link got his strange new arm and the Gloom started to seep out of the ground, strange marks and drawings popped up all over Hyrule. These are called geoglyphs.

There are a total of 11 geoglyphs, and each one gives a hint about what it is about.

No. Coordinates Tear Location
1 -1280, 0920, 0101 Right eye
2 -2547, -1883, 0320 Top/centre of the palace, above the door
3 1841 0731, 0089 Top/centre of the tablet/pad
4 0692, 1313, 0053 On the top-left of the geoglyph, where the tail begins to bend to the right
5 -23164, -1706, 0422 On the geoglyph’s shoulder
6 -3091, 0074, 0211 On the right-hand side, near the bottom of the geoglyph’s hair
7 3324, -3571, 0005 On the left-hand tip of the dagger’s crossguard
8 1862, 3519, 0237 Above the left arm, on the left-hand side of the geoglyph
9 4468, -0302, 0075 On the right side of the geoglyph, on a small mound
10 -0649, -2685, 0068 On the geoglyph’s left flower
11 0885, 2951, 0363 Near the tip of the sword
12 4530, 2142, 0001 Centre of the spiral coastline

Where To Look For The Light Dragon:

After finding all of Hyrule’s memories, players of Tears of the Kingdom will have to find the Light Dragon. After watching the last story, it shows up in the sky, so you don’t need to know how it got there.

Unfortunately, players could get into problems if they don’t have enough Stamina when they go after it.

In TotK, players must get the Master Sword off of the Light Dragon’s head to see the recollection that ties all of the Dragon Tear episodes together. If Link does this, he will see an important movie that tells him his next job is to beat Ganon.

How To Solve Geoglyph Puzzles:

In the Geoglyphs, you are looking for a Dragon tear, which is a small hole in the ground that is always hidden within one of the Teardrop forms. Each Geoglyph is made up of an abundance of Teardrop shapes, but you need to find the full Teardrop inside each Geoglyph, not its outline.

All of the Teardrops in a Geoglyph will appear hollow, except for one, which will be a firm shape filled with color. That’s the one you are interested in discovering. When it comes close, it will fizzle out, revealing the dragon’s Tear as well as the Memory inside.

There’s plenty to take in, and when combined with the facts, it can be hard to understand. If you need more help, we’ve written more about each one below.

You can also go to the Forgotten Temple that Impa shows you, which is in the valley between Tabantha and the Great Hyrule Forest. There, you’ll find a simple map that shows where each Geoglyph is roughly.

The Geoglyphs are a bit big to see well from the ground, but they are much easier to understand when you look down at them.

So the best way to get close to the Geoglyphs is from above. You can do this by flying above them with a Skyview tower, making a vehicle, calling back the falling rock, as well as any other way.


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