All Places To Find An Emerald Bottle In Disney’s Dreamlight Valley

All Places To Find An Emerald Bottle In Disney’s Dreamlight Valley:

Within Disney Dreamlight Valley, players are used to finding things that don’t seem to be part of a quest.

Most of the time, people go on unofficial tasks that involve strange potatoes or, in this case, green bottles that make beautiful drinks such as the Golden Potion along with others that have to do with the different potatoes.

The Remembering Update for Disney Dreamlight Valley added a new set of secret quests. This time, the player has to fish strange bottles out of the different bodies of water in the valley.

The bottles are subsequently utilised to make something strange, which leads to more puzzles to solve. Here is where every Emerald Bottle within Disney Dreamlight Valley can be found.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players must find all 16 emerald bottles to be able to find the green potato.

This quest will require some time to finish, but we’ll help you out by telling you where every one of the bottles is. Many of them are spread out across each area.

With the most recent update, players have started finding an emerald bottle laying around.

Most likely, they were first seen while people were fishing within Disney Dreamlight Valley, yet don’t worry, there are more than one to find. Actually, there are sixteen different kinds, and all of them live in water.

What Are The Bottles Made Of Emerald?

Once you get an Emerald Bottle, you won’t get a specific task or goal, but you’ll need more of them later to make use of with the Crystal Ball within the Secret Room of the Mines.

When you have all 16, you can use them to make Emerald Silvers. Then, at a making stand, you can turn them into Jade Crystal, which is what the Crystal Ball needs.

This will then give users the seed that, when placed in the Forgotten Lands, will grow a Green Potato. Adding one more coloured potato to players’ stocks within Disney Dreamlight Valley

The 16 diverse Emerald Bottles will be spread out across the different parts of the Valley map. They can only be found within water, which makes it a little easier to find them.

Some of them are hard to see because of the plants in the water or the way the lights are set within Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Players may be able to see the whole bottle sitting there or only the cork sticking out of the water, depending on where they are. Try carefully to search the water while making sure the screen’s light is at its highest to make it easy to find them.

How To Find Each Of The Sixteen Emerald Bottles:

On the map above, you can see the exact spots within Disney Dreamlight Valley where players can fish for Emerald Bottles. Players will need to activate their Royal Fishing Rod as well as aim for where the bottle is.

If they strike the right spot, an orange fishing pool will show up as well as the mini-game will start. Here was a list of the amount of Emerald Bottles are in every biome. This will help you keep track of them.

Dazzle Beach, five times Glade of Trust, four times Peaceful Meadow, two times Sunlit Plateau, two times Forest of Valour, one time Frosted Heights, one time Forgotten Lands, one time.

What Are All 16 Of These Emerald Bottles For?

Once a player has found all 16 emerald bottles, they can turn them into what are known as emerald silvers. After that, go to the work bench to create a Jade Crystal.

Then, go for the Sunlit Plateau Mine. Here, players are going to discover a green ball that will give them some seeds when they pick it up.

When the potato seeds are in your collection, go to the Forgotten Lands to plant them. This will make a green potato grow that has a code for a special journey.

At the end of it all, players will get a special colourful fox friend. That’s all you need to know to find all 16 Emerald bottles within Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How Do I Get The Crystalline Green Potion And The Green Potato?

Once a player has collected all 16 Emerald Bottles, they need to crack their stash and turn each bottle into an Emerald Silver. Once each of the sixteen bottles have been transformed into changed through Emerald Silvers, carry them to a making station where they may be used to make a Jade Crystal.

In order to use the Vitalys Mines, you will need this rock. In particular, in the Seed of Memories Secret Room, which can be opened when Simba finishes one of his Friendship Quests,

This is the quest that opens the Herbalist Room, also known to be the secret room in Vitalys Mines, and gives you Dreamlight Fruit within Disney Dreamlight Valley.

So, for the Emerald Bottles to do what they’re meant to do, players must proceed forward with Simba and open this room. As long as the Herbalist Room is open, players can take the Jade Crystal there and use it to communicate with the Crystal Ball.

This will give people a seed that is very special. Put the seed in the ground in the Forgotten Lands.

From here, care for it like you would any other young tree as well as wait over it to grow. Once it’s fully grown, players will get the Green Potato, which they can use to make another bright drink within Disney Dreamlight Valley.


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