A Trip Through Time Tears Of The Kingdom’s Quest Steps As Well As Ruin Ring Locations

A Trip Through Time Tears Of The Kingdom’s Quest Steps As Well As Ruin Ring Locations:

Start in Kakariko Village and talk to Bugut. He will tell you that there are four stone slabs surrounding the village, but they are too high for him to reach because he is afraid of heights.

Your job is to look at each stone as well as tell him what it states. Within Zelda¬†Tears of the Kingdom, the “A Trip Through History” quest can be hard because the different Ring Ruins you have to visit aren’t marked on your map.

Within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, there are a lot of quests like this one, and for many people, this is one of the most confusing ones.

In Tears of the Kingdom, Kakariko Village has seen better days. When we first got there, we saw that huge ruins had fallen all over the village. One of them was blocking a very large path, so we couldn’t get into the city from the east side.

Within A Trip Through History Quest, there is a researcher called Bugut who is also on one of the poll teams. He is trying to find out more. He has asked ourselves to assist him in figure out what the crew has learned regarding these rings as well as what else we can do to help the town.

Some notes were taken by the survey team at this dig site, and it’s our job in TotK to find them for Bugut within A Trip Through History.

Places Of All Ring Ruin Slabs:

When we were visiting Kakarito Village within Tears of the Kingdom, Bugut asked us to find the 4 Ring Ruin Slabs as well as the explanations that were made regarding them.

For the quest, we don’t know where these stone slabs are on the map, so we’ll have to look around the area where all of the Ring Ruins have fallen and see where the survey team was working to find out more.

The initial stone slab sits on a hill in the southwest of the village, looking out over the Makasure Shrine. When you walk into this wreck, there are a few monsters standing around a fire pit.

These were pretty easy to deal with, and when we were done, the notes for the stone slab were off to the left. The 2nd Ring Ruin Slab sits on a close hill to the east of the first one.

We chose to go straight there, climbing many of the hills outside of Kakariko Village within Tears of the Kingdom as well as talking to some of the experts about what they were learning about the ruins. When we got there, we went left to find the study.

The East Hill Chasm and the third Ring Ruin Slab are almost outside of the village. We found the following piece of information by looking through the ruins on top of East Hill after doing some digging.

The 4th Ring Ruin Slab sits on top of a hill near Kakariko Village. It looks out over Lantern Lake. We got to this point quickly by going up the east side of the hill utilizing the different stairs leading to the top, with the help of a member of the study team.

The book with details about the Ring Ruin Slab is on a seat to the researcher’s right. Now that you’ve found these four places, go back to Bugut, who ought to be in the middle of the town.

Link will tell him everything he read at every one of the Ring Ruins. This will finish his mission for A Trip Through History within TotK.


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