How To Finish Mattison’s Independence In Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Finish Mattison’s Independence In Tears Of The Kingdom:

Many popular characters from Breath of the Wild return in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, including the people of Tarrey Town.

The side quest for making a house in Tears of the Kingdom takes place in the town you helped build within Breath of the Wild. However, in Tears of the Kingdom, you have to finish a task called Mattison’s Independence before you can start making a house.

Do you want to know how to finish Zelda Tears of the Kingdom’s Mattison’s Independence? Link may construct his house and make a lot of changes to it in the game .

But you can’t use this choice until you finish Mattison’s Independence Quest. This quest takes place north of the Gatanisis Shrine in Tarrey Town.

This quest isn’t too hard to finish. It will take some time, though. This guide will demonstrate to you how to finish Zelda¬†Tears of the Kingdom’s Mattison’s Independence.

How To Get Started On Mattison’s Independence:

Head to Lake Akkala within the Akkala Highlands as well as visit the small spot called Tarrey Town to start Mattison’s Independence. Rhondson and Hudson are talking in front of their house, which is at the locations of 3937, 1590, as well as 0129.

Mattison’s Independence How To Finish It:

After getting the Mattison’s Independence quest in TOT, Link has to find Mattison and talk to him. Her folks are worried that on the last day before she goes to Gerudo Town, someone should make her happy and keep her company.

Link must employ the Ascend skill at the Hudson Development site to get to the first level. He should come out into Mattison’s room, where he can talk to her and meet her.

Mattison is excited to teach other people within Tarrey Town how to communicate with Gerudo. In fact, she’s having a game with an older pair in the morning.

She’ll go to bed after she says Link this. Before you leave, take a moment to study the book on Mattison’s desk. It has a lot of the Gerudo words that Link might be asked about in the morning.

What’s The Answer To Mattison’s Quiz?

Within Tears of the Kingdom, Mattison’s quiz is held in the middle of Tarrey Town on a bench. Mattison will talk to the older couple, as well as Link may come within to take the question.

When we did this mission, the question was, “Granny in Gerudo is, eh, hmm, what is it?” The answer to this question is “Vaba,” which we knew because the night before we read Mattison’s notes in her room.

After the quiz, Mattison will inform Link that she wants to go to the building yard to see her father. But to do this, she must first get on the train, which is stopped by Hagie, who is interested in charging everyone to use it.

You Have To Build A Wall Around Hagie So That He Can Not See Her:

Link must build a wall around Hagie so that he can’t see her. Link wants Hudson Construction signs to do this, but they are locked up in the storage room of the company.

Link must jump off the cliff behind the building as well as fly into the doorway to the Tarrey Town Tunnel under it in order to open the door at Hudson Construction. Go within and employ the Ascend skill to open the locked door to the storage room.

Take Off The Sign In Front Of The Door So You Can Open That Door:

Take down the sign in front of the door so you can open it. Rhondson will thank Link and go back to where he was outside the building. Around the rear of the building, there will now be a set of signs that Link may utilise to assist Mattison get on the train.

We made a half-circle with Hudson Construction signs to hide Mattison from Hagie and get him on the train. We then set them down on top of Hagie.

who immediately worried and went crazy because he couldn’t see what’s was going on, unwilling to walk surrounding the signs to get back to work. Because he was too lazy, Mattison hopped on the train and went to her father’s building site.

Hudson Needs 10 Dandelions To Make Balloon Bright:

After talking to Mattison, wait for the story to finish, and then follow her towards the building site. Link can find her talking to Hudson, who presents him the balloon he made for her and the Gerudo she’s travelling with.

But Mattison wants it to be bright, and for that Hudson needs 10 dandelions.

The following phase of the mission is to pick up and distribute 10 dandelions, but we had already so many in our collection that we just gave them over right away as well as skipped a big part of looking for flowers.

The Best Place To Find Dandelions Is On The Sky Island:

In Tears of the Kingdom, the best place to find dandelions is on the Sky Islands, so we suggest keeping them for this task. Almost every Sky Island has at least one Sundelion, so whenever Link goes wandering above Hyrule, he should pick one up.

There is enough Zonai trash around the building site to gather to finish the quest, but it’s always better to have a stash prepared to go.

After Link gives the dandelions to the girl, a nice movie will play, which players should stop and watch. This is one of Tears of the Kingdom’s most important scenes.

Link Will Get 200 Rupees For This Trouble:

Not because it’s full of action, but because it shows how hard it is for parents to watch their kids grow up. They all believe they have a lot more time to spend with their kids before they go out into the world and start making their own lives without them.

But the time is never enough. Link will get 200 rupees for his trouble at the end of the balloon ride, and he will also be able to build a house close to Tarrey Town.


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