All The Locations And Coordinates Of Satori Cherry Blossom Trees In Tears Of The Kingdom

All The Locations And Coordinates Of Satori Cherry Blossom Trees In Tears Of The Kingdom:

Within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Cherry Blossom Trees are important places because they help you call Satori and find all cave openings and exits in the area.

And it only cost a piece of fruit. But despite the fact that these trees glow a vibrant pink, they are not easy to find. There are many secrets and fun things to find in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom as you play.

One of these new features is a way of discovering caves to explore by using cherry blossom trees. Cave openings can be found for a short time by giving fruit from any of the 8 cherry blossom trees discovered in different places.

If you think you’ve finished a region, the satori that mark the caves can help you make sure you didn’t miss anything. This guide will tell you where to look for them if you are interested in learning.

The best thing to do when you see this tree is to give it something. Players are able to utilize any of the fruits as a gift, which starts a short story that ends with light beams showing where some of the caves are for a short time.

What You Need To Know About Satori Cherry Blossom Trees:

As you travel through Hyrule, you may have noticed that there are big, beautiful cherry blossom trees all over. One is in Hyrule Field, east of Lookout Landing. It is a good place to start learning about plants.

At the base of each cherry tree is a small shrine, which is a great place to leave a gift for the big tree. We recommend utilizing something such as an apple because they are so popular that you should have a lot of them.

When the Satori looks off into the distance, beams of light show up in different places around it. These lines of light mark the entrances to underground caves, showing where they are within a very big area.

This is a great way to help you discover your next goal if you just have to finish everything. The Satori only shows you caves in a certain area, but if you go to all of these trees, there’s no way you’re going to skip an underground chamber on the surface.

All Satori Cherry Blossom Trees Can Be Found:

In Tears of the Kingdom, you can find eight cherry blossom trees. You don’t have to worry if you forgot where the Satori told you to go because you can use the trees for as many times that you want.

The marked cave exits only last a few minutes, so you cannot have a single cherry tree operating at once, so it’s unlikely you’d ever want to. Here have all the Satori Cherry Blossom Trees you can find in Hyrule, starting from Hyrule Field and going clockwise.

Cherry Blossom Tree Location Coordinates
Lanayru Great Spring 2529, -0009, 0143
Eldin Mountains 1244, 2956, 0418
Hyrule Field 0316, 0538, 0022
East Necluda 3356, -2483, 0280
Faron Grasslands 0805, -3502, 0057
Tabantha Frontier -4049, 1693, 0198
Hyrule Ridge -2296, -0340, 0350
Gerudo Canyon -2310, -2156, 0250


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