In Tears Of The Kingdom, Here’s How To Finish The Tenmaten Shrine

In Tears Of The Kingdom, Here’s How To Finish The Tenmaten Shrine:

If you’re playing Zelda Tears of the Kingdom and want to know how to beat Tenmaten Shrine, read on Tears of the Kingdom features a massive open environment that might take hours or even days to fully explore.

Each zone, much like the Shrines, has a multitude of missions, destinations, mysteries, and obstacles.

You will be rewarded with valuable things as well as the Light of Blessing if you are successful in finishing them. However, a few of them are concealed in caverns or the clouds above.

As a result, you will not be able to become the most powerful hero without first locating all of them. Continue reading this guide to learn more about the location of the Tenmaten Shrine within Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom has a significant number of difficult shrines for players to explore. The Tenmaten Shrine is one of only a select number of them, which are collectively referred to as the Rauru’s Blessing shrines. It is buried deep beneath.

These shrines provide a one-of-a-kind experience by compelling the player to resolve the problems they provide outside of the limits of the shrine instead of within it.

Within Tears of the Kingdom, the Tenmaten Shrine is only one of over one hundred shrines that players may discover when adventuring around Hyrule. Each shrine provides players with unique artifacts, weapons, and materials in addition to a Light’s Blessing.

Once you’ve figured out where to search for it, it shouldn’t be too difficult to discover, despite the fact that it is somewhat more difficult to locate than a few of the other things you will uncover on your trip.

Location Of The Tenmaten Shrine:

The location of the Tenmaten Shrine may be discovered within the Hyrule Field area. It may be found in the coordinates -0594, 1551, and -0014.

You can go somewhat near by taking a flight from Lindor’s Brow or Lookout Landing Skyview Towers, although getting there will take a while. The Serutabomac Shrine, which is located atop the floating Hyrule Castle, is a lot more convenient.

The Tenmaten Shrine may be reached by going underground and entering a cave at the coordinates -0669, 1349, 0088. This cave can be entered by going to the neighboring Elma Knolls Well.

You will emerge from the well onto a ledge that has a number of brilliant bloom seeds as well as bright caps, in addition to a torch and a bonfire. This should serve as a warning to you that everything further down will be quite shadowy.

Instructions On How To Finish The Tenmaten Shrine

You are going to discover yourself in a little alcove after you have gone into the Elma Knolls Well. There are Brightcaps as well as Bright Bloom Seeds strewn throughout the area surrounding a big hole.

It will be incredibly dark once you approach the next sector, so be sure to get these goods before continuing your descent farther down the path.

After you have made your way through the hole, you will find yourself in an extremely dark alcove after falling into some water. If you keep swimming north, you will eventually reach some land and be able to pull yourself out of the sea.

You may either release few Bright Bloom Seeds into the world or use the Miner’s Armor if you’ve got it.

Keep Your Way Clear By Beating Hornbills:

Now that you have a better view of your surroundings, you may make a descent down the hill, where you will encounter more hornbills after you have dealt with them, you can continue descending till you approach a vast body of water.

It is recommended that you begin your search in this area since you will find a chest containing a royal broadsword, as well as some rocks to mine and other items to obtain.

Pick Up The Wooden Planks And Make Your Way:

Planks of wood may be seen strewn over the area close to the water’s edge. You’ll need to make use of them in order to go over the water to the shrine, which, along with a Fire-like creature, should be visible from the other side of the lake.

You are free to traverse the gap using whatever method you desire, whether it rockets, fans, or the Zora Armor; the important thing is that you do it. You should open the wooden box that is located close to the edge of the lake because it holds a Sapphire.

Due To Rauras Blessing Shrine There Is Nothing To Do More:

As soon as you have made it to the other side of the river, put out the fire as well as go to the shrine. Since this is a Raura’s Blessing shrine, there is nothing further you need to accomplish after you have arrived at this location to complete the quest.

Simply enter the building and get the Lights Blessing from the chest along with your Large Zonai Charge. You are free to go at this time and continue on with your travels.

Tenmaten Shrine Is The Hardest Shrine To Discover:

When it comes to completing Tenmaten Shrine within Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, that is all the information you need. It is a single of the Shrines that is the hardest to find in the game. Therefore, if you want to uncover it and obtain the benefits that you so well deserve, follow our suggestions.

The activation of the shrine will take place as soon as the player arrives, at which point they will be able to enter instantly. They will discover a chest with a Huge Zonai Charge after they enter the room.

After that, the player may go on and engage in conversation with the statue that stands at the end of the shrine. This will result in the player receiving the Light of Blessing as well as completing the shrine.


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