Xiaomi ready to enter in USA market at the end of this year

Xiaomi, one of the leading electronic gadget manufacturers originating from China had teased their entry to the US market very soon. Xiaomi is a multi-gadget manufacturer, not just mobiles and its accessories. The produce TVs, mini robots, Laptops and many other interesting cheap electronic gadgets which are unmatched for the price and innovative technology they carry. They have recently ventured into in-house chip manufacturing following Huawei.

Xiaomi started with China and later expanded to India and few other south Asian countries
where it faced huge success with most of them being budget-oriented markets. Xiaomi made good phones at a never before pricing and conquered the market. From reports of Q1
2018, Xiaomi dethroned Samsung for the first time in years to be the number one smartphone seller in India.

Xiaomi is known as the apple of China with most of its design inspired rather imitated from
Apple. Though they are not just poor imitations. They make good use and functionality out
of them. The budget Apple has been slowly expanding to various countries in Asia and
Europe lately. Recently Xiaomi opened it official store in Spain and had a good welcoming
sale to say.

In the US too, Xiaomi has already few of its non-smartphone gadgets selling from MI’s
official website and Amazon itself. Some notable devices are the television streaming box –
MI TV, headphones and 360-degree camera. Everything grasped attention from people and
are doing notably well. If you need headphones while you are in bed, consider buying a pair of bedphones

We have been anticipating Xiaomi to enter the western market from 2016 onwards. Later in
2016, Xiaomi faced a drop in their sales. Though did not make any loss put a dip in the profit and so the company put in the effort and raised stronger than before and placed itself 1 st in India and 4th in China as of now.

Recently as we have seen they have been active in their expansion and during China’s
Legislative Session in Beijing, Co-founder and CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun said “We’ve always
been considering entering the US market” and he also teased that will be soon. Soon in the
sense by Q1 2019 or most probably Q4 2018.

In the US, Samsung and Apple are giants that Xiaomi needs to face. But considering the price the real competitors will be from their own country, OnePlus and Huawei. US soil is not that favorable for the Chinese manufacturers in our thoughts, especially in the recent times, especially to the number three company manufacturing most phones globally. Yes,

Huawei is the brand we are talking about. Native security bodies like FBI, CIA are against the Chinese manufacturers with their past issues like sending unauthorized user data to the company. Recently the carrier tied up with Huawei for the Mate 10 series backed out due to national security concern from various sources and the phone was forced to sell carrier free. In the US the carrier collaboration is a major factor for the success of the phone itself. Xiaomi needs to face all that when they have their smartphone fleet in the US. Good luck to Xiaomi.


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