Xiaomi Mi 7 photo leaked China launch date could be May 23

The upcoming flagship from Xiaomi has got many contradicting rumors recently. Latest of
them is the alleged release event invitation image leaked from an unauthorized source in

The Chinese smart-electronics and smartphone manufacturer has always made their flagship a head turner in the market with the latest top of the line specifications and
features at almost half the price other companies sell. Even the Mi 6, the last generation
flagship from the company managed to be the cheapest and one of the earliest to house a
Snapdragon 835.

Xiaomi Mi 7 leaked photo
Xiaomi Mi 7 leaked photo

The next in line is the Xiaomi Mi 7 which has already crossed its usual release cycle. They usually stand the second in the market to come out with the flagship chipset from Qualcomm after the Samsung’s S series smartphone of the year. We see various rumors and leaks not abiding with each other. We shall get into them one by one.

XDA – Leaked Firmware

Early, People from XDA developers seemed to gain access to a firmware software of a phone which seemed to be Xiaomi Mi 7. With the firmware, they could finalize the chipset it was made for. It is the newest beast, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. They also said it was MUIU 9 run by Android Oreo.

Front glass panel leak

Another time inspired by Apple, rather copied or trying to be Apple. Xiaomi Mi 7 has got a notch to its display. The rightfully called Apple of China, Xiaomi has incorporated a notch but not a full-screen display though, there is a narrow chin bezel to disappoint us all. Another pointlessly notched phone with a bezel in the bottom in 2018.

Face unlock rumors

Some trusted market speculators earlier said Xiaomi is working on an Apple-like depth
sensing face unlock feature which is in its infancy being the first android or the first phone apart from the Apple’s ecosystem. It also said Qualcomm and Xiaomi are working hard to
make it usable and hence the phone is not expected before Q3 2018.

Launch event invitation leak

On the first week of March, an invitation poster surfaced on social media, Weibo claiming
the Xiaomi Mi 7 will be released at the end of the same month. It carried the MI logo on it, though we advise to not to be completely moved by it because it was not an official announcement.

If it was real it should have made it officially by now. Additionally, the release date of May
23 contradicts the previous fact that Xiaomi Mi7 is not coming out until Q3.

Leaked Xiaomi cases

Later the same week of the invitation leaks, a few other affirmations of the device came in.
One was a set of images which did not seem to have a notch instead had a full front display
which is kind of weird considering the previous specs. Then came the images of silicone cases for the Xiaomi MI 7. It confirmed a few specs like USB-C, IR blaster, mono speaker grill to the bottom, no headphone jack and a vertically aligned camera module.

Our opinion

At this point, with most of the rumors not going by each other we do not have any conclusions. But all we know is Xiaomi is preparing a beast but the sad part is Mi 7 is less likely to make it to India as said by Lei Jun, CEO of Xaiomi in an interview in Bengaluru.



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