We never thought that a terror group like ISIS can be so inspired by the Hollywood movies but the surprising part is that it is, movie clips from the Hollywood movies like hunger games and American sniper are now being incorporated into the terror groups recruitment efforts.

Have you ever thought that Clint Eastwood and Hollywood would ever have anything in common? Well now it does! And we will tell you why and how?

The footage of the Eastwood flags of our fathers from the year 2006 has been found in the video clip of 22 minutes in a propaganda short “ Heading of the believers” chests, which is created by the terror group.

Not only this but there is another clip also found of shooting an 86 year old director who is also well known Republicans American Sniper of the year 2014 which is found in the ISIS clip.

This was a shoot to redeem you 2 which basically recreates the snipers slow motion and image of a bullet fired from a rifle.

According to the deputy director of the counter extremism project , an organization , Lara pham says that the use of both the footage in the ISIS terror group videos was a strategic use to have an impact on the viewers.

According to Lara Pham there have been about 1275 videos which have been totally released by the ISIS group and nobody might have noticed the usage of the Hollywood movies in their video clips, now these clips are to add effects to their terrors, however the Hollywood haven’t noticed huge patterns and traces of this but Lara is sure that many individuals working in the industry might be concerned.

If you have seen the footage of the Jordanian pilot who was kidnapped by the ISIS terror group, the filming of that video begins with an Arabic language Healing and the most shocking part is that they have used the Eastwood shot footage of the United States warships pounding lwo Jima with artillery shells.

Later the Jordanian pilot who was kidnapped was asked to confess the mistakes that he has done and the climax is the actual video of the pilot who is burned alive. The painful video screamed a comment from the Eastwood directors however they refused to comment anything.

Pirating the Hollywood movies and mimicking the Hollywood movies and adding them into their videos is something that nobody expected from the world’s scariest Terror group ISIS.

However they used these video clips into their terror spreading videos which is made by the Al-furqan media, a production company that is run by the ISIS.

The Abu Muhammad al farqan was solely responsible for the video making until his last video of beheading the American, Japanese and the British citizens in the year 2014.

But ever since his death in an air strike which was in the year 2016 nobody knows who handles the entity now. And who knows if the new person appointed will still be using these clips or no? the real question if yes then which movies? Why only these movies were selected or targeted is it only cause of their graphics and effects or the way they were shot or there are some other real reasons as well.

The Al-furqan videos is like one medium that are shared by the social media and on you tube, Al-furqan is like the best way for them to spread awareness about what they want their clients to do.

ISIS might be using many other movies as well to spread their words of terror with complete awareness, not only this but the deadly Paris attack of the nightclub in the year 2015, the video of this attack also began with a scene stolen from a Hollywood movie Paramount G.I. Joe : The Rise of cobra which was released in the year 2009.

We all that these movies were either only used by the pirated sites to make money from the internet or used by us for our entertainment nobody even in their wildest dreams might have thought that this might result in to helping the terror groups to spread more terror.

Who knows maybe even their killing styles and terror spreading styles might be inspired by the people?

However nobody knows the truth and to encounter this it is really difficult though analysts are still working on it, ISIS has even picked up one of the clips from the Hunger games which were from the year 2012 and also from the mad movie from the year 2015.

The real question is how effective these terror videos are in radicalizing the viewers who watch these videos, this is open to debate.

The house committee and the homeland security and the FBI report says that there were about 39 Americans who were radicalized in the parts of the videos in the year 2016.

ISIS fighters are forgiven to watch the Hollywood movies however this is very ironic as they use these clips to make images that will attract people and spread terror among them.

There was a time that ISIS made simple videos and now getting influenced by the Hollywood and seeing their graphics and skills they have started making their terror spreading videos also like them.

Nobody thought seeing these movies that one day there will be a fine use of these videos by any of the terror groups, just to add some creativity and have an impact of their video on the terrors ISIS have used these videos or there is another reason too!

Well we do not really know what the case is, but we believe that this mystery will be solved or who knows in one of those terror videos the terror group will themselves tell us the real reason behind them using these movie video clips of Hollywood.


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