Wonder Of Pixar Star Path Items And Moonstone Prices In Disney’s Dreamlight Valley

Wonder Of Pixar Star Path Items And Moonstone Prices In Disney’s Dreamlight Valley:

A very famous part of Disney Dreamland Valley is the Star Path. It lets you do things in the game to get access to special stuff.

In honor of Disney’s 100th birthday, the newest Star Path, an update, new characters, and many more fun things have been added.

It has a lot of items, furniture, character skins, and themes for users to enjoy. So, here is everything we know regarding the Star Path in Disney’s Dream-light Valley, including when it stops.

The fifth update to Disney Dream-light Valley brought fans a brand fresh Star Path filled with new things from their best Pixar films.

Items with themes from films such as Toy Story, Turning Red, as well as Inside Out are included. This guide will tell you how much the Moonstone costs and how to get all of the Wonder of Pixar Star Path things.

What’s Star Path?

The Star Path is like a Battle Pass in Disney Dream-light Valley. It lets players buy tokens or do Duties to unlock exclusive things like furniture, clothes, themes, and pets.

With the release of The Remembering update, the Wonder of Pixar Star Path was added to Dream-light Valley. It has new decorations, nods to famous Pixar movies, and more, all of which are based on old and new Pixar movies.

Star Path Items:

  • All-Terrain Scooter – 30 Pixar Balls
  • Octopus motif – 10 Pixar Balls
  • Upscale Makeup – 15 Pixar Balls
  • Manta Ray Mobile – 30 Pixar Balls
  • Pompadour in the Cloud – 30 Pixar Balls
  • Drop Pillar – 35 Pixar Balls
  • Sea turtle motif – 10 Pixar Balls
  • Inside Out Character motif – 10 Pixar Balls
  • Tiki Torch motif – 10 Pixar Balls
  • Oct-bomber – 35 Pixar Balls
  • Red Panda Pillar – 30 Pixar Balls
  • Blooming Bob – 30 Pixar Balls
  • Fiery Raven Companion – 50 Pixar Balls
  • Purple flower motif – 10 Pixar Balls
  • Dory motif – 10 Pixar Balls
  • Boba and speaker motif – 10 Pixar Balls
  • Burning Eyes – 15 Pixar Balls
  • Quirky Retro Couch – 30 Pixar Balls
  • Turning Red Panda motif – 10 Pixar Balls
  • Inside Out motif – 10 Pixar Balls
  • Large Aquarium – 20 Pixar Balls
  • The Wave hair – 35 Pixar Balls
  • Circular Embossed Metal Fireplace – 35 Pixar Balls
  • Rainbow crystal motif – 10 Pixar Balls
  • Little girl motif – 10 Pixar Balls
  • Bing Bong motif – 10 Pixar Balls
  • Blazing Pixie – 30 Pixar Balls
  • “Friend to Divers” Crop Jacket – 50 Pixar Balls
  • Memory Display Partition – 30 Pixar Balls
  • Red Panda Oneise – 30 Pixar Balls
  • Otter motif – 10 Pixar Balls
  • Grinning Red Panda Pillar – 40 Pixar Balls
  • Yawning Red Panda motif – 10 Pixar Balls
  • Hang loose motif – 10 Pixar Balls
  • Bing Bong and Joy motif – 10 Pixar Balls
  • Stealthy Space Ranger – 50 Pixar Balls

In every season of the Star Path, you can also use Pixar Balls to buy Moonstones. The last thing you can buy with Pixar Balls is a large number of Moonstones. These are best redeemed after all other things have been found.

How Much A Moonstone Costs:

Moonstones may be used to turn on the Premium Star Path as well as buy things from the Premium Accessory Shop.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, the only way to get Moonstones is to buy them or find the one blue box that spawns every day within the valley. Here is a list of how much the Moonstones cost.

  • 14500 Moonstone Pack = $49.99
  • 5500 Moonstone Pack = $19.99
  • 2500 Moonstone Pack = $9.99
  • 1200 Moonstone Pack = $4.99

How To Make Star Path Available:

When you have enough of these coins, you can use them to gain access to special things within the Star Path.

When Is The Disney Dream-light Valley Star Path Stop Working?

On August 6, 2023, the Wonder of Pixar Star Path will come to an end. Like the last Star Path, it’s likely that Gameloft will give you a little over a week to spend any coins you don’t use. Don’t worry too much regarding the time limit. This is mostly done to get coins.


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