How To Win Against Vhenard In Diablo 4

How To Win Against Vhenard In Diablo 4:

Vhenard is a boss you’ll meet when you reach the Black Lake near the beginning of Act 1 on The Cost of Knowledge’s major story task. This part of IGN’s Diablo 4 Wiki Guide will clarify how to fight her as the boss.

Early on in Diablo 4, things aren’t too hard, which makes sense since you won’t have much to work alongside and might not know how the assigned class works yet. By the moment you get to Vhenard, a confused mother who works for Lilith, the wheels of training are off.

The area where Vhenard fights is small, there are a lot of enemies, and there are other sources of damage that are hard to avoid. In this guide, we’ll talk about how to successfully complete all three parts of Vhenard’s boss fight.

You don’t fight your opponent directly in this boss battle. Instead, you must kill three groups of servants of the devil. Most of the time, these demons are just like any other enemy, but there are certain quirks which make this fight very hard.

Diablo 4 is full of demons, hell-spawn, as well as an endless stream of foes that players can kill with a sense of righteous anger. Diablo 4 has more than just the minions of Hell. It also has a lot of great boss fights.

Some of them are triggered by things such as World Bosses as well as happenings within the game, while others are usually triggered by moving forward with the main goal.

Phase 1 How To Defeat Vhenard:

The first part of Vhenard is a lesson for the next two. You may harm her directly, but to make her health bar go down, you have to kill those who she calls. Here, she can only call up two Hell-spawn, which are weaker flying demons tied to Vhenard’s shield by a blood bond.

Hell-spawn will either shoot orbs of light at you from a distance or attack you using their claws up close. Even though they aren’t too dangerous by themselves, they have an abundance of strength, and you have to kill both of them to move on to the next part.

At this point and in all the stages that follow, the real problem is the spinning beams of energy that come from Vhenard’s blood shield. Not only may these damage your health, yet they will also make you exposed, which weakens all of your barriers.

You can move around them or dodge through them, but you’ll have to learn to do this quickly while hurting the two Hell-spawn. I played a Sorcerer in my fight, and I suggest either Ice or Fire. Ice gives you a little bit of protection as well as crowd control, while Fire is just pure damage.

Phase 2:

Bring up Hell-stormer She will also call forth these new monsters from time to time, along with the Hell-spawns. When these come out, you should try to kill them first. They can be annoying because they bite and throw fireballs.

Except for the move above, she makes all of her phase 1 moves. During the second phase, she calls up three demons from hell. Again, when her health is low enough, go back to avoid the blood surge attack.

Step Three:

The third and last part of Vhenard is the most wild of the three. In addition to the three Hell-spawn as well as five Hellions, you now have to deal with a Pit Beast, a mini-boss whose size takes up about a quarter of the field.

First, shoot at the Pit Beast as well as the Hellions. The Pit Beast has a big knife that he’s just ready to use on you, and getting hit by it will do a lot of damage. Hell-spawns long attacks don’t get any extra orbs, which is a good thing.

The laser beams, on the other hand, have changed again. Now, they come out in rows of three that are all linked to one point, like the way the inside of a triangle spins. As before, getting hit by one beam will not prevent the others from spinning, as well as Vhenard sends out a few at once.

To win the third stage, you have to keep moving and pay attention to where the lasers and blood tethers are between Vhenard as well as the Hell Spawn instead of the enemies.

If you have any area-of-effect attacks, use them all. If you’re more of a single-target expert, kill the Pit Beast as well as Hell Spawn as quickly as you can.

If you suffer a few times while trying to beat this part, don’t worry too much. You’ll have to start the fight over again, but I found it much easier the second time around because I knew when to heal, when to run, as well as when to attack.

What Should I Do If The Boss Fight Against Vhenard Is Too Hard?

I’ll be honest, this boss fight wasn’t that hard for me. It was a lot easier compared to Resurrected Malice for sure. I won it on my first try upon Veteran World Tier II, alongside regarding 50 percent strength and three healing pills left over.

I was a level sixteen rogue with both long and close combat skills. If it’s too hard, use the plan above. If it’s still too hard, you might need to use a town door and do some grinding before coming back to Act I.

I think it’s important that your character has both close-range as well as long-range strikes so that you can focus on one enemy at a time, whether it’s in front of you or hiding behind Vhenard.


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