Why Should One Invest in Health Insurance for Pregnancy

Why Should One Invest in Health Insurance for Pregnancy

One of the most treasured experiences in a couple’s life is preparing for the arrival of their new born baby. The joy of buying new clothes and furniture, redecorating the house and planning your life in several different ways is unmatched. However, with the excitement comes the financial stress of hospitalization bills. 

According to a survey, the delivery cost in India was around Rs 80,000 for normal delivery and Rs 1 lakh for a C-section on average. This tends to be on the higher side in metro areas. This, coupled with the bed charges and doctor’s visits, would be a cost that could easily burn a hole in young couple’s pockets.

With health care costs skyrocketing in the COVID era, the need to have a health insurance policy has increased substantially. 

Why Should One Invest in Health Insurance for Pregnancy
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Generally, health insurance plans do not cover expenses related to childbirth. Hence, buying health insurance for pregnancy should be one of the top priorities. The costs involved with hospitalisation during childbirth are not the only expenses. The complications that could arise during this time are also pricey. The payments do not end here. There are other expenses post-delivery of a baby, like vaccinations and basic sanitation necessities. The following are the reasons why one should consider buying a health insurance for pregnancy:

Covers new-borns from the time of birth

The health insurance policy for pregnancy also has a new-born baby cover. This means that a new-born who is less than 90 days old is covered under this policy, which a regular health insurance policy fails to cover.

Private room to share beautiful moments with one’s family

Becoming a parent is one of the most crucial and overwhelming experiences in life. You want to be around your loved ones at such a time. With the right health insurance for pregnancy, you can opt for a single private room with AC under the policy coverage and spend the initial few days without any external disturbance.

No Financial Stress

Childbirth can be the happiest moment of one’s life, and one cannot enjoy it fully while worrying about the hospital bills. Buying health insurance for pregnancy can help one focus completely on parenthood.

Cashless hospitalisation

The majority of health insurance providers have a cashless network of healthcare providers where you can avail of the cashless hospitalization facility. This means that the insured need not pay any amount during hospitalisation. All the expenses are to be covered by the insurance company. One should select a trusted health insurance provider like Care Insurance, with an extensive cashless network.

Day-Care treatment

Day-care treatment refers to treatment procedures that require hospitalisation for fewer than 24 hours. Most health insurance plans for pregnancy cover day-care treatments as well. However, these benefits may be subjected to sub-limits mentioned in the policy.

Pre and Post Hospitalisation Coverage

A health insurance for pregnancy covers pre-hospitalisation expenses incurred even before 30 days of hospitalisation. Post-hospitalization visits to doctors or medical practitioners for up to 60 days are also covered by insurance providers.

Tax benefits

Buying health insurance for pregnancy comes with two major benefits. It ensures that the mother and the infant have the best health care and avails tax benefits as per the income tax act of 1961.

A health insurance policy not only relieves young couples’ financial burdens but also allows them to focus solely on parenthood and child-rearing.

 Maternity plans have become extremely important in today’s era, especially for young couples who wish to be financially secured before bringing their little ones into this world. Hence, having a health insurance for pregnancy is important and could be one of the best decisions one has made.

Now that you are aware of why you should buy health insurance for pregnancy. You can carefully choose the correct plan for all your needs and expenses.


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