Where To Purchase Boss Armor Sets In Elden Ring

Where To Purchase Boss Armor Sets In Elden Ring:

Almost every Souls game created by FromSoftware lets you buy boss armor and weapons. This means that you can use the same gear that the bosses used against you to fight other enemies.

In the past, it wasn’t always clear how to obtain boss armor, but then in Elden Ring, it’s simple, easy to get to, and always available.

Elden Ring does have a huge collection of armor sets you could indeed wear as well as keeps going the tradition of “if you see it, you could indeed wear it” like the other From Software games.

Some enemies, especially those that don’t look like people, are an exception, but most enemies get a chance of dropping a part of the body armor set they’re wearing when they die.

For friendly NPCs as well as enemies with more unique traits, like bosses, you can usually get these from specific drops that give you most or all of the set at once.

In this guide, I’ll show you the front and back of all the different sets of armor you are able to obtain in the game, as well as where you could indeed find them. At the conclusion of this manual, I offer a few suggestions for making farming for a certain set more efficient.

It’s no mystery that Elden Ring possesses one of the widest arrays of equip able armor in any RPG. Many players called the cosmetic parts of the Dark Souls games “Fashion Souls.” With the release of Elden Ring, however, the FromSoftware fashion community has a new name: Elden Bling.

Where To Find The Boss Armor Merchant:

In Elden Ring, you can buy boss armor sets from Finger Reader Enia at the Roundtable Hold. You’ll need at least each great rune along with having talked to the Two Fingers.

You will probably go see her after you beat Godrick, but any boss who gives you a Great Rune will do. The previously closed set of locked doors just at back of the Roundtable would be open, and you’ll be able to speak to the 2, for instance, but that yields nothing.

Enia won’t sell boss armor at first, but after you defeat Rennala, Queen of the FulL Moon, a new option called “Receive equipment of champions” will appear in her menu.

When you open this new menu, you can buy the armor of any boss who lets you. Renalla, Radahn, Malenia, as well as a lot of other people would then eventually make it to the armor shop run by Enia’s boss. Keep in mind that not all bosses with memories will have armor sets available.

It wouldn’t make sense for Rykard or Godrick to have body armor that a normal person could wear. But their sets come from bosses that aren’t in Remembrance, like Elemer of the Briar as well as Commander Niall.

Boss armor is also costly, which makes sense given how big and powerful they are. They come in sets of four pieces, and the price can range from a few 1000 runes for Renalla’s set to nearly 100,000 runes for Malenia’s or Godfrey’s.

No matter what gender your character is, they can wear boss armor. The look won’t change much, but some types might fit better on one body type than the other. In the end, the most important thing is what your version of Fashion Souls is.

The Boss Armor Set Can Be Bought At:

To buy boss armor sets in Elden Ring, go to Finger Reader Enia inside the Roundtable Hold. You must have already talked to the Two Fingers as well as gotten at least one wonderful rune.

She’s likely to become the next monster you meet after killing Godrick. Any boss that gives a good rune will do, though. Talking to the 2, for example, doesn’t change anything, but the doors inside the back of the Roundtable that were locked before will now be open.

If you open this new menu, you can buy the body armor of any boss. Renalla, Radahn, Malenia, as well as a lot of other people will eventually get to the boss armor store that Enia owns.

It’s important to remember that not every bosses with memories will have body armor that can be used. It would be crazy for someone like Rykard or even Godrick to have body armor that anyone could wear.

But Commander Niall as well as Elemer of the Briar, who are not Remembrance bosses, offer their sets.

Boss armament is also pricey, which makes sense given its status and power. They are available as four-piece sets, and Renalla’s set costs a few thousand runes while Malenia’s and Godfrey’s sets cost about 100,000 runes.

Users could indeed wear boss armor no regardless of who your character is. But different types of boss armor may look so much better on different body types. The most important thing about Fashion Souls is, in the end, what you make of it.


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