Where To Discover All Of Dredge’s Relics

Where To Discover All Of Dredge’s Relics:

The main goal of Dredge is to find six Relics and give them to The Collector close Greater Marrow. It’s not easy to find them, though.

This guide tells you where to discover all 6 of The Collector’s Relics so you can get more power, learn more, and get closer to some kind of truth.

How To Look For Every Artifact:

We’ve put a list of every Relic throughout Dredge as well as where you can find it below. If you’re stuck, scroll down to locate the Relic you’re looking for and find out how to get it.

Where To Look For The Ornate Key:

Around the back of Greater Marrow is where you can find the Ornate Key Relic. Once you’ve helped the people of Greater Marrow and caught your first Exotic fish, you could indeed dredge it at night where the bright red light comes out of the ocean.

This will cause you to meet The Collector, who will give you this Relic. Return it to The Collector to get a general idea of where the next Relic is.

Where To Discover The Rusty Music Box:

The Rusted Music box is the second Relic you’ll need to find. This old thing is in Gale Cliffs, southeast of Greater Marrow. The Collector will put a red X on your map to show you where to go.

This artefact is stuck behind such a line of rocks, so you won’t be able to reach it when you get there. Instead, dock at the few places you can and talk to the people who live there. To get a quest for a family crest, you need to discover the hermit.

Once you have the family crest and have given it back to the Whaler, you will be able to use Packed Explosives to blow up small obstacles. Are using a packed explosive on the wall of rocks, and then dig for the rusted music box relic.

Where To Discover The Band With Jewels:

To obtain the Jewel Encrusted Band Relic, you must return above that the relics to The Collector before you get a map marker which will lead you to Stellar Basin in the southwest of the map.

The relic in the middle of the area is guarded by a large creature, so you’ll have to go to the researcher’s outpost on the island to the left of Stellar Basin.

The researcher wants you to look for three kinds of fishing inside the area. In order to catch Abyssal as well as Hadal fish, you’ll need to upgrade your gear. To get one of the things the researcher needs, you’ll also need a trawling net.

Then, she’ll tell you to go to a nearby station to get some prototype parts. When you give the parts back to the researcher, she will give you a strange kind of engine.

You could use this at the station inside the generator to make a light that makes the creature inside the middle of Stellar Basin sink into the water for a short time. Are using this time to dig up the old band with jewels on it and give it back to the collector.

Where The Necklace Is:

The Necklace Relic is in the Twisted Strand area, which is at the top right of the map. You’ll have to sail thru the mangroves till the users find the airman when you get there.

This man has been stuck here for years and has lost everything. He will send you on a search for parts for a mortar and then ask for certain fish to use as bait for the monsters that live in this area. To do this, you will need fishing rods that can be used in mangrove waters.

Once you have the bait, you can use it to lure monsters into the traps around Twisted Strand and kill them.

If you come across these creatures while travelling, you should pull over to wait for them to go back under the water. Go back to the airman once they’re all dead, and he’ll give you the necklace relic like it’s nothing.

The Watch Is In The Pocket.

The pocket watch is the last thing you need to find. This is in the Devil’s Spin area, which is a volcanic area with a lot of fish. There is a big redfish that will chase you down if it sees you, as well as the smaller redfish that chase you when they see you lure it.

You need to talk to the fanatic on the island with the three statues in order to get the relic. The fanatic wants you to go around the area and find three Fathomless Flames. For these, you have to kill certain fish before you obtain the things you need.

When you give the Fathomless Flames to the Fanatic, the quest would be done one way or another, and you’ll get the Pocket Watch Relic.

Once you have this last relic, you can go back to The Collector as well as choose one of the endings for Dredge. You can get another one if you find the right NPC, but you’ll have to play the game to find out who that is as well as how to get that one.

The 5 Skills Of A Dredge:

As you give each item to The Collector, it will let you use a new ability. Here are the various abilities you’ll get when you finish the game’s main quest.

Skill Name Effect
Haste When equipped, you’ll move a lot faster, but make sure you don’t burn out and damage your engine!
Manifest When equipped and used, it takes you right back to the Dock outside of where you talk to The Collector.
Banish Activating this will ward off evil, allowing you to get rid of the many perils you’ll find during the night and around the map.
Atrophy Activating this will instantly consume a fishing spot and give you some of the fish inside. Great way to try and catch rare/abomination fish.


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