Where To Find Unicorns In Hogwarts Legacy And How To Farm Them

Where To Find Unicorns In Hogwarts Legacy And How To Farm Them:

Unicorns are considered to be beautiful, mysterious animals that are hard to find. This is also true in Hogwarts Legacy. In the huge world of Hogwarts Legacy, it’s very hard to find a unicorn. In fact, gamers are more likely to see a hippogriff compared to a unicorn.

The fantastic beasts are one of the best parts of the Harry Potter world, as well as Hogwarts Legacy provides you an opportunity to catch them. There are unicorns in a lot of different fairy tales, so you can catch your own within the game.

It’s hard to think of a magical fiction world like the Wizarding World with no unicorns, which are the classic pointed horses of magic.

People say that the hair on these beautiful and powerful horses has special qualities that can be used to improve your clothes at the Enchanted Loom within the Room of Requirement. This guide tells you where to find horses in Hogwarts Legacy as well as how to collect them.

In Hogwarts Legacy, players can find hints to help them catch a unicorn, like discovering that the magical creature exists deep within the Forbidden Forest.

the same way as with the Harry Potter movie. But keep in mind that wizards and witches have to go through a lot of steps before they can catch a horse.

How To Get Access To Unicorns:

Before you may capture your first horse, you require to do a few things. First, to learn about them, you have to go to a minimum of one Beast class.

Next, you should be ready for capturing animals. This means you have to find the Room of Requirement, get your nabsack, and unlock vivariums to put in it. Once you possess every one of these things, you’re ready to try to catch the initial unicorn.

Unicorns Where To Find Them:

In Hogwarts Legacy, the only place you can find unicorns is in the Beast Den, which is on the eastern side of the forbidden forest and close to the northern edge of Hogsmeade Valley.

You can’t find unicorns outside of the Forbidden Forest, but you can find Giant Purple Toads, Jobberknolls, and Puffskeins.

Most of the time, just a single of these magical horses with horns comes out of the den at a time. We have found a way for people to farm as frequently as they want, though.

How To Catch A Unicorn:

For players to capture a unicorn, they need to do the following:

  • Use Accio to stop it from moving.
  • Use the Glacius spell or the Arresto Momentum spell to freeze or stop the Unicorn.
  • To catch the Magical Beast, grab the Nab-Sack.

You get the Nab-Sack when you finish the tasks for the Elf, the Nab-Sack, as well as the Loom. As for the Beast Feed as well as Beast Petting Brush,

When a player takes a Beast Class, they will get them. In Hogwarts Legacy, you must also open the Room of Requirements to find a safe place for the magical beasts you have caught.

Aside from that, players ought to understand that there is only one horse in its den. So, if players want to catch more than one, they should go back to the unicorn den on occasion to capture another one.

How To Have A Unicorn Farm:

First, make sure you can get to the Floo Flame spot in Upper Hogsfield, which is a small town north of Hogsmeade. You should also get the flying broom as quickly as possible so that you can get to the den much faster.

To start raising unicorns, players ought to head to Upper Hogsfield, hop on their broom, and fly to the Unicorn Den within the East Forbidden Forest of Hogwarts Legacy.

Don’t fall right in the den, because that will scare the animal away. Land instead on a single of the dirt roads near the POI. Be aware of the many enemies that walk the roads in the area.

Next, cast Disillusionment to get close to the den, but don’t come from the way the unicorn is facing. Cast Accio as well as Levioso, and then catch them with a nap-sack.

In Normal Level Unicorn Come With 6 HP Points:

If you are playing on Normal Level or higher, the unicorn will be equipped with six “HP dots” that you need to take care of before you can save it. In Hogwarts Legacy, don’t worry if you fail the first time because the unicorn can’t fly away such as a thestral or hippogriff.

You can also set the game challenge to “story,” which makes a nap-sack catch a quick rescue without the need to play a minigame.

Fast-travel return to the Upper Hogsfield Floo Flame once gamers successfully captured the unicorn at its den in Hogwarts Legacy. After we went to Upper Hogsfield quickly, the unicorn respawned multiple times, based on our tests.

We tried to use the Wait tool in Hogwarts Legacy more than once, but it didn’t work. But after travelling to Upper Hogsfield multiple times and monitoring the Unicorn Den during its fast travels, the beast came back on the third try, giving us another chance to catch it.

Even though there is no public information about how long it takes for beasts or dangerous mobs to come back, we were able to quickly save another unicorn within three minutes after the initial one was killed by using the way above.

How To Get Unicorns To Breed:

In Hogwarts Legacy, to breed unicorns, players require to catch both the male and female versions of the mount and build the appropriate tools in the Room of Requirement.

Things You Need To Breed:

Players must buy the plans for the Beast Breeding Pen from the Tomes as well as Scrolls shop in Hogsmeade in order to be able to breed beasts. After that, go to the Room of Requirements and use the Hogwarts Legacy Conjuring Spell to make the Beast Breeding Pen within the vivarium of your choice.

If a player has both copies of the book in the vivarium and interacts with the book within front of the pen, a unicorn should show up as a choice.

Where To Look For A Shiny Unicorn:

In Hogwarts Legacy, it’s hard to find a shiny unicorn because there’s only one den and just one unicorn appears in it at a time. Normal unicorns are white, but the shiny unicorn was dark and looks almost like gold.


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