Where To Find The EXP Share In Pokémon Fire Red

Where To Find The EXP Share In Pokémon Fire Red:

In Fire Red, just like in every other game in the series, EXP gives your Pokémon the power they need to evolve into even stronger creatures. Without it, you are about as helpful as a Magikarp attempting to master the Hyper Beam.

Still, it can be a real pain to level up new Pokémon. Thanks to EXP Share, which was added in Fire Red, you can give exp to all of your Pokémon, even those that didn’t take part in the battle.

Getting The EXP Share:

The Exp Share is your new closest companion when you’re looking to level your squad without having to grind. You’ll have to work for it, like most good things. Here are the steps to getting the EXP Share.

Fill your Pokédex with 50 different kinds of Pokémon. Go to Fuchsia City & walk east on a nice path until you reach Route 15. Then, go into the building guarded by the guy who looks tough, go up the stairs, and look for the guy in the white coat.

If he sees that you’ve caught all of them (or at least 50 of them), he’ll give you the much-desired Exp Share, and you’ll be well on your path to creating an unstoppable team of Pokémon.

This Is How EXP Share Works:

Give the EXP Share to the Pokémon that likes to hang out in the back of the group. This will help it level up quickly. What’s the best? They don’t have to do anything to gain experience in battle.

Just let the other Pokémon beat their opponents, and you’ll see the results right away. The person holding it gets 50% of the experience, and the other 50% is divided between the fighters.

Don’t worry if there are a lot of people at your party; the holder will continue to receive their fair share. If somehow the EXP is 600, they will get 300, and the rest will be split among the people who are actively playing.


Start the fight with the holder and afterwards switch them out for an even larger experience boost.

Don’t worry if someone in your group passes out. It won’t be a waste of time. So, if the holder passes out, they’ll have to settle down with this one and go through it with everyone else.

Don’t worry if you don’t have 50 Pokemon when you meet Professor Oak’s assistant. This helper is near Fuchsia City, which is where the safari zone is.

Even though this doesn’t seem to be related, it was made to be this method on purpose. There are 21 different kinds of Pokémon in the Safari Zone. This ought to be sufficient for what you need to do with your dex.

Getting To Fuchsia City:

If you’ve got at least 50 Pokémon, I’m guessing you’ve already been to Fuchsia City, but in case you haven’t, I’ll explain how to get there.

  1. From Celadon City, go west until you get to Snorlax.
  2. Play the Pokéflute to wake up Snorlax and go into the building on his left.
  3. To get through the gate, you need the Bike and to ride it down Cycling Road.
  4. Ride your bike all of the way to the finish line of Cycling Road, turn east, and pass through the entrance on Route 18 to get to Route 18.

Other edge of this building is Fuchsia City, where you can get your Experience Share.


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