All The Places You Can Find An Upgrade Bench In Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2

All The Places You Can Find An Upgrade Bench In Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2:

In Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2, there are nearly 2 dozen weapons, but most of the time, only the least dangerous ones will come out of chests.

Upgrade Benches, which let you increase the rarity of your weapon for a small amount of Gold Bars, have been excellent areas to enhance your loot for a long time. If you need an inventory in a matter of seconds.

What Does Upgrade Bench Do:

With the help of Upgrade Benches, players can make their weapons better. To be more specific, players can make their weapons more rare by using gold bars. Most can be improved with gold bars higher than or equal to the Legendary rarity.

The upgrade bench seems to be likely among the most important permanent items in Fortnite. So it’s no surprise that they give you a huge advantage in the game. And they’re back in Season 1, Chapter 4 of Fortnite.

What’s An Upgrade Bench:

Upgrade Benches let you improve the weapons you have in your inventory, making them more powerful. In a firefight, this gives you an edge over your opponents.

Upgrade Benches are enormously beneficial if you want to make your weapons rarer. You may even employ them to make all of the firearms in your inventory as rare as gold. who doesn’t enjoy having an inventory full of gold?

How Much Gold Your Weapon Needs To Be Epic:

On the latest map, you can find 13 Upgrade Benches, but this number is likely to go up as the chapter goes on. You ought to have some Gold on hand before you go to one of these places.

It costs 200 Gold to change a Widely known weapon into an Uncommon one, and the price goes up by 100 Gold every time you change it to a different rarity.

So, 300 Gold can turn an Uncommon weapon into a Rare one, and another 400 Gold is needed to go from Rare to Epic. For 500 Gold, an Epic weapon could be transformed into a Legendary.

All Places To Find An Upgrade Bench:

Main Place

Exact Location

Anvil Square Inside the home that is left of Anvil Square’s central water fountain
Breakwater Bay In the southwest part of Breakwater Bay, on the side of a wooden shack
Brutal Bastion North of Brutal Bastion, at the Beep ‘N Bounce Gas Station
North of Brutal Bastion, at the Crude Harbor landmark
Frenzy Fields In the northern section of Frenzy Fields, inside the red barn
North of Frenzy Fields, at the Hitches and Ditches Gas Station
Mega City At the gas station in the southwest corner of Mega City
At the Drift Ridge racetrack north of Mega City
At the Fallow Fuel gas station that is just east of Mega City’s lake
Shattered Slabs Within the mining shaft that is located on the west side of Shattered Slabs
The Citadel At the center of the small village that is below The Citadel’s mountain
Slappy Shores At the gas station in the northwest corner of Slappy Shores
West of Slappy Shores, at the Slap ‘N Go Gas Station


Using An Upgrade Bench:

All you need to do in order to are using an Upgrade Bench is walk up to it and hold the gun you would like to upgrade. When you get close to the Upgrade Bench, a message would then ask whether you’d like to upgrade the weapon and tell you how much it will cost.


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