Where The Light Dragon Is And Where It Flies In Tears Of The Kingdom

Where The Light Dragon Is And Where It Flies In Tears Of The Kingdom:

Within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, the Light Dragon might be the most unique of its kind. There are many dragons surrounding the map, but most of them only fly through certain areas. This one, on the other hand, is always flying around the whole sky of Hyrule.

There are four different dragons in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, and I was happy to be able to find them all. But it’s hard to find them because as quickly as they are born, they fly in a different direction every time.

Light Dragon was the one which intrigued me the most, both because of what it meant for the story and what it would give me if I got it. In this guide, I’ll tell you where to look for the hard-to-find creature and how to find it.

Fans of dragons, assemble The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom has four different dragons you can find and some quests that have to do with them.

The Light Dragon is one of the hardest dragons to find and jump on. If you require assistance figuring out where the Light Dragon is, we have a map for TotK that shows its path.

Tears of the Kingdom has three other dragons, but the Light Dragon was very different from them. Its flight path is much bigger, it flies higher, and it’s harder to find for a good reason.

During our run of ToK, we spent a lot of time trying to find it. Here are some tips to help you spot the Light Dragon as well as figure out where it flies.

How To Identify The Light Dragon The Best Way:

When trying to track down the Light Dragon, we’ve found that focusing on the outer wall of Hyrule within Tears of the Kingdom is the best way to find him.

Unlike the other 3 dragons, the Light Dragon mostly just flies around Hyrule in a big loop. It doesn’t go through the middle of Hyrule, but instead mostly goes around the whole land.

When we tried to find it, we saw that it was travelling in a counter clockwise loop instead of the clockwise circle we had assumed. We tried to follow this trend as best we could by going to different Skyview Towers as well as Shrines.

That helped us figure out how to locate the Light Dragon within Tears of the Kingdom as a whole. We didn’t have all of the Shrines within the game, but we did open all of the Skyview Towers, which meant we could see everything on the map.

Once we knew these key spots, it was easy to find the Light Dragon, but it’s also important to remember look up.

We spent a long time looking for the Light Dragon before we noticed that it is much higher up than the other dragons. It is even higher than some of the Sky Islands, which makes it hard to get to.

But checking it up will spare you plenty of time and make it much easier to track it down. If you can, put a light on it so you can see where it is on a map.

The Light Dragon’s Path And Where It Is:

You may discover the Light Dragon in a number of different ways. If you’ve been paying attention to the main story, finding each of the twelve Dragon Tear memory places will help you figure out where the Master Sword is.

That method takes a lot of work, but luckily there are other, quicker ways to do it. One has to go into the Lost Woods to get to the Korok Forest.

Help The Deku Tree:

Once you get there, you’ll need to assist the Deku Tree by beating Gloom Hands as well as Phantom Ganon. If you win, you can talk to the Deku Tree to start the “Recovering the Hero’s Sword” major quest.

This is the Master Sword quest, and luckily, the Deku Tree can inform you where the Light Dragon is on your map. If you click on the task within your Adventure Log, you can always see where the dragon is, which is very helpful.

Keep In Mind:

Keep in mind that the sign will go away once you’ve found the Master Sword as well as your quest is done. You might want to wait to get Link’s emblem weapon if you want to find the Light Dragon quickly to get parts from it.

The other method is to simply run into the dragon while you’re exploring the map. The Light Dragon flies around Hyrule in a circle, and you don’t need to have the linked quest to find it.

Path Of The White Dragon:

On its way around, the Light Dragon passes through Zora’s Domain, Hateno Village, Goronbi Lake, Lindor’s Brow, and the Thyphlo Ruins.

The route shown on our map is a guess based on what a few people in the community have told us, but we haven’t been able to check the exact route on our own. Polygon has asked Nintendo what they think about it.

Still, you should finish the Korok Forest adventure because it will make the Light Dragon fly closer to the ground.

So, all you need to do to get there is use a nearby Skyview Tower to propel the Link into the air. Until you finish the quest, it’s possible, for example, that the dragon is going to be moving at exactly the same height that the Sky Islands, which could make the job much harder.

How To Get On The Light Dragon:

Within Tears of the Kingdom, Link can ride on dragons, which he couldn’t do in Breath of the Wild. This is easy to do by just falling on their bodies and moving on top of them from there.

Dragons that are made of a certain element should have the right resistance to that element. For the Light Dragon, you don’t need this kind of defense.

If You See A Dragon In The Wild Then Go To The Nearest Skyview Tower:

If you see the dragon in the wild, either by accident or because you have a task tag on, you should go to the nearest Skyview Tower as quickly as possible.

Taking this shorter route won’t change where the dragon is, so it’s a great way to get closer. Then, turn on the tower to raise Link into the air so he can glide towards the Light Dragon.

Clear The Deku Forest In Order To Make Procedure Even Easier:

As has been said, clearing out the Deku Forest first will make the procedure even easier. This will make the dragon glide close to the ground, making it easier to see from a tall tower.

You can always try to make it to a Sky Island if the closest towers are too far away from the dragon you’re trying to reach. If you see sky rocks plummeting to the ground, you can use your Recall skill to jump on them and get higher.

Jump From The Island And Use Your Glider In  Order To Get Near To The Dragon:

Then, you may leap off the island and get near to the dragon by using your paraglider. The dragon moves slowly, but if you fall off its back, you can get back up by quickly opening your paraglider. This is because there are wind currents all around the dragon’s body.

Once you get to the Light Dragon’s back, your next move is to take the Master Sword from it. Check out our Master Sword page for a step-by-step guide on how to do this.


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