Where In Tears Of The Kingdom To Get The Dusk Claymore

Where In Tears Of The Kingdom To Get The Dusk Claymore:

In Tears of the Kingdom, the latest game in the Zelda series, players are presented to a huge open world with a lot of weapons, tasks, and puzzles to find.

Out of all the weapons you can use, the Dusk Claymore stands out as a strong as well as highly sought-after two-handed blade with amazing stats and a long history.

Even though the players of Tears of the Kingdom are smart, when they see something shiny such as the Dusk Claymore, they have to have it. The Dusk Claymore was a level thirty-two weapon that people say was given to Hyrule a long time ago.

The form of this great word looks like it came from Sailor Moon, as well as its sheath is also huge and beautiful. Still, this tool doesn’t drop every time you fight an enemy. For players to get it, they have to finish the Typhlo Ruins sub quest.

Tears of the Kingdom was finally out, and all players agree that their first impressions of it are very good. People liked how the game was made and how the story went. The game was a big step up from the last one in the series. The dimensions of the game was probably the biggest change.

Tears of the Kingdom has a large map, and it also has a large amount of material and things.

So, a sword such as the White Sword of Sky as well as Biggoron’s Sword can be easy to miss or hard to find in the game. Within Tears of the Kingdom, here’s how to obtain the Dusk Claymore:

Whats Dusk Claymore?

The Dusk Claymore serves as a powerful two-handed sword that will be a great asset to any player’s collection.

It has an impressive starting power of 34 and an amazing base longevity of 50, making it one of the best swords within Tears of the Kingdom.

It is strong enough to last through the most intense fights, and its attack power is high enough that players can do a lot of damage to their foes.

How To Begin The Ruins Of Thyphlo Quest:

Before you try to finish this quest to obtain the Dusk Claymore, you need to finish the Regional Phenomena task and visit the Fire, Wind, Water, as well as Lightning Temples. To finish this side quest, you need the help of all four teachers.

Then, go north of the Great Hyrule Forest to the Thyphlo Ruins. The Thyphlo Ruins Skytower is the fastest way to get there.

A man called Kazul is going to be standing in front of the Skytower under a tent. Come up to him and look at the four stone tablets that he has left to start your quest to obtain the Dusk Claymore.

How To Put The Thyphlo Ruins Puzzle Together

Each stone tablet is a side quest. To complete the quest, players must use each expert to complete a puzzle within the Thyplo Ruins. After you solve all four tasks, you will be given the Dusk Claymore.

To Finish The Six Dragons:

To finish the side quest “Six Dragons,” go to the northwest corner of the map and search for 6 dragon heads pointing a square floor tile. Sidon sage is needed for this quest.

When you get there, use Sidon’s power and charge up a sword move to hit all six dragons at once. You’re a little closer to obtaining the Dusk Claymore now that you’ve finished this side quest.

How To Finish The Owl Guarded By Dragons:

The Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower is not far from this wind puzzle. Climb over the rocks behind Kazul’s tent to reach a huge figure of an owl. Just use one of Tulin’s gusts of wind to blow a little air in its direction. You need to get tulin sage for this quest.

To Finish The Long Dragon:

The Long Dragon side quest puzzle is in the middle east of the Thyphlo Ruins. There is going to be a square tile with thin stone supports on two sides. The Construct Soldier IV is close, so be careful.

Once you’re there, use Riju’s shock ability and fire an arrow on the tile. Just make sure to move away before you shoot so you don’t get shocked. Before you can get the Dusk Claymore, you have to finish one more side quest. Riju Sage is needed for this quest.

To Finish The Corridor Between Two Dragons, Do The Following:

To finish The Corridor Between Two Dragons, go to the middle of the west side of the Thyphlo Ruins. There is a big figure of a dragon here.

Still, if you look at the name of the side quest, it’s clear that this big figure is not important. Turn 180 degrees to see two dragon heads as well as a passageway between them. To solve the last task, you need to turn on Yunobo’s power as well as cannonball him throughout the hallway.

Now that you’ve finished all four side quests, you just need to go east to the Skyview Tower to discover the old basement that just opened up. The Dusk Claymore is a prize that is waiting at the bottom of the stairs. You need Yunobo sage for this quest.

How To Get The Dusk Claymore Back:

You can always buy a new Dusk Claymore if yours breaks. To do this, you need to go to The Depths, find the Bargainer Statues, as well as trade 120 Poes for the prize.

Once you get the Dusk Claymore via the Typhlo Ruins quest as well as an Amiibo, it will show up on the Bargainer Statue’s menu.

Another Way To Get The Dust Claymore:

in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, there is more than one way to get the Dusk Claymore. One of them is the Thyphlo Ruins quest. You can get the Dusk Claymore if you use the Super Smash Bros.

Ganondorf Amiibo toy. It’s not a sure thing, and it might take a few tries before your Amiibo gives you this famous sword.

To use the Amiibo figure, choose the Amiibo choice from the in-game skills wheel and place the figure in the right spot on the Nintendo Switch controller as well as device. The Amiibo is going to read, and as a gift, you will get the Dusk Claymore.


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