All Announcements, Release Dates, And How To Watch The Xbox Games Showcase

All Announcements, Release Dates, And How To Watch The Xbox Games Showcase:

When I sat down to watch the show yesterday afternoon, I found me cheering at the TV for two whole hours straight. I’ve seen the occurrence before, but it felt different yesterday. Xbox seemed more sure of itself, which is likely because it had a tone of games and a lot of BIG games to show off.

The Xbox Games Showcase + Starfield Direct, which is Microsoft’s game for the 2023 summer games season, is now available online.

Even though there were not big shadow drops upon Game Pass, there were a lot of promises for games coming out in 2023 and 2024, even though 2024 games were announced more than 2023 games.

We talked about 27 games at the Xbox Games Showcase. After that, Starfield Direct went for the stars to give you a peek at Bethesda Game Studios’ first new world in over 25 years.

How To See The Showcase Of Xbox Games:

On the official Xbox YouTube account, you can watch the Xbox Games Showcase and the Starfield Direct. You can watch the show by clicking on the link below. The second part is all about Starfield. It’s a long thing to watch, so be ready if you want to see it all.


The new gameplay video for Fable was presented by an electronic copy of British actor Richard Ayoade from The IT Crowd. It showed the game’s detailed and funny fantasy world.

In the end, it turns out that Ayoade is a giant within the world, and he goes after the main character. At the end of the video, the main character is sitting seated with broken glasses.

South Of Midnight:

A video for the game South of Midnight, which takes place on the Bayou and includes strange things, was shown at the Xbox Showcase. This was also missing a release date as well as gaming footage, but it will be available on Game Pass from the start.

Star Wars Outlaws:

Star Wars Outlaws is the first Star Wars game to have an open world. It takes place between Star Wars The Rise of the Empire as well as Star Wars Rise of the Jedi.

Explore the galaxy as well as risk everything as Kay Vess, a young thief who wants to be free and get the money she needs to start afresh with her friend Nix.

As a member of the galaxy’s most wanted, you’ll have to fight, steal, and trick criminal gangs. If you are willing to take a chance, there are lots of opportunities in the world.

33 Immortals:

33 Immortals was a cooperative action-roguelike game for up to 33 people. Take on the role of a damned soul as well as fight against God’s end sentence. With “pick-up and raid” scheduling, you can jump right into huge 33-player co-op fights.

Work with your friends to stay alive as you fight waves of monsters and huge, difficult bosses. You can forever improve your soul by adding to your weapons and putting on powerful new items. In an effort for your immortal life, you must face the anger of God.

Payday 3:

Payday 3, the third game in the line of multiplayer bank robbing simulators, will be out on the 21st of September, just a few days before Starfield comes out.

People who have finished this before 2024 can be happy, because the Xbox Series X/S will get a real game this year. Payday 3 will also be on Game Pass on the day it comes out.

Persona 3 Reload:

Then, the video for the planned remake of Persona 3, a popular RPG for the PlayStation 2, was shown. It’s called Persona three Reload, and it’s a full remake of the game within Unreal Engine, which is a huge improvement over the first version. It’s coming in 2023, and Xbox Game Pass will have it.


Obsidian Entertainment’s Avowed takes place in the world of Eora. Players will go on a trip across the Living Lands, a strange island full of secrets and dangers, choices and effects. You feel like you don’t belong there, but you do. It’s a place that needs your help.

In this a first-person fantasy role-playing game, players will discover different ecosystems and meet new people as they try to figure out what’s going on in these places. Check out this Xbox Wire story for more details.

Avowed will come out for the Xbox Series X|S, Windows 10/11, as well as Steam in 2024. It will additionally be available alongside Xbox Game Pass as well as PC Game Pass on the day it comes out.

Sea Of Thieves X The Legend Of Monkey Island Crossover:

The next big surprise was that Rare revealed a Sea of Thieves update that is based upon The Secret of Monkey Island. We got to see famous places like the SCUMM pub and figures like the boat seller Stan S. Stanman as well as of course, Guybrush Threep-wood.

This new story takes Monkey Island away from the world of adventure games, so it looks like there will be a lot of action-packed fighting. LeChuck is involved. The date it starts is July 20, 2023.

Flight Simulator 2024 By Microsoft:

Asobo Studio has released the next part of its great Microsoft Flight Simulator series. It includes models of all kinds of flying tasks, such as farming, mountain rescue, firefighting, transporting cargo, even running a charging service, and racing.

On top of that, there’s a lot more, like hot air balloons. It will happen in 2024. Also, it was said that the famous Ornithopters from the movie Dune will be part of a partnership with Flight Simulator upon November 3, 2023.

Senuas Saga Hellblade 2:

Ninja Theory finally showed off an updated look at the sequel to their future action game. It was artistically amazing and focused on Senua’s problems from the inside this time. In the beginning, Senua is trying to squeeze through a very small space while sounds within her head whisper.

She looks around an impressive-looking cave while drenched in dirt and sweat. Suddenly, a deep voice calls out to her, and the cave turns into a strange, unreal collage.

Senua is confused at first, and then she slowly kneels down into an adjacent pool of water as well as falls through her cold image. The show is over. Sometime in 2024, it will happen.

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth:

Ichiban Kasuga just can’t win. After going through hell in Yakuza Like A Dragon, he wakes up naked on a beach within the USA of America. He doesn’t know how he got there or how to speak English.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth will be the next major game in the series, but nothing is known about how it will be played. It will come out in 2024 on Game Pass.

Fallout 76 In Atlantic City:

During the Xbox Games Showcase, Bethesda Softworks as well as Bethesda Game Studios celebrated the 15 million players who have made Fallout 76 their home by showing a brand-new video of everything the game has to offer.

The video also showed that players should get ready to let good times roll soon, because Fallout 76 will soon embark on an Expedition to Atlantic City, a brand-new place outside of Appalachia. Bookmark this page for more information about the next trip.

Path Of The Goddess:

Keep bad things away and show the Spirit Stone Maiden the way. Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess was a brand-new game that continues Capcom’s tradition of making original and creative games.

This work of love is in the same vein as games like Okami and Shinsekai: Into the Depths, which are both very special.

Explore an amazing world where the power of the RE Engine brings traditional Japanese themes to life in a way that will blow you away. You can enjoy a unique way to play that combines action and tactics. See a great battle between the spirit world and the real world.

Forza Motorsport:

Turn ten showed off the new look of Forza Motorsport and said that the game will come out on Xbox One X as well as PC on October 10.

More information was also shared about the Forza Motorsport cover cars with General Motors. Fans will be able to drive the stunning 2023 No. 01 Cadillac Racing V-Series. R race car as well as the 2024 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray in Forza Motorsport.

The Elder Scrolls Online Journey To Necrom:

The Elder Scrolls Online has thousands of tales to play, areas to explore, as well as individuals to meet, so RPG fans of any style can have a lot of fun with it.

During today’s showcase, ZeniMax Online Studios showed a never-before-seen look at the new adventure within ESO Necrom. This gave Elder Scrolls fans a look at the “return” to Morrowind as well as Apocrypha as well as the mind-bending story full of secrets to solve.

On June 20, players of Xbox devices will be able to check out the Necrom journey. But players don’t have to wait until then. With Xbox Game Pass, they can start playing ESO right now. The PC and Mac versions of The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom are now available.

Overwatch 2 Invasion:

When Overwatch 2: Invasion comes out on August 10, it will be the biggest update to the game so far. This update brings novel Story Missions about Null Sector, an additional season, a novel PVP core game mode, novel methods to build skills, as well as a fresh Support hero.

Also, if you’re using Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you’ll get the Over Watch 2 Newcomer Heroes Starter Pack, which lets you unlock all of the heroes within the game.

Persona 5 Tactica:

After something strange happens, the Phantom Thieves end up in a strange world where the people live under cruel rule.

They are in great danger because they are surrounded by a unit of soldiers called Legionnaires. A mystery rebel named Erina saves them and gives them a tempting deal as a reward for their assistance.

What is the truth behind Erina’s deal with the Phantom Thieves? In this new strategy RPG based on the a winner Persona 5 video game, you can use strong Personas and a variety of weapons to overthrow your rivals and fight corruption. You can also kill them in style.


shortly thereafter as the Xbox Games Showcase was over, Starfield Direct started. Game Director Todd Howard as well as the rest of the Bethesda Game Studios team talked about the new sci-fi role-playing game (RPG) and shared information and stories about it.

The first part of the Direct was about how the game’s characters can be changed, which has enabled the team to make better models than at any time before. We heard about the game’s major questline, which will dispatch brave travelers on a mission to learn the secrets of the world.

We additionally received an entirely novel look at how your ship’s crew and friends work in the game. Your ship and station will get different benefits from the Companions you carry alongside you as well as the crew you hire.

We also saw how you’ll be possible to build, design, and improve your fleet of ships, and we learned more about how Starfield will deal with exploration.

From the bodies of more than 1,000 planets to the space between them, there is a lot to find out about. If you are interested in more information regarding then check out these in detail blog regarding Starfield’s Release Date, How To Pre-Order It, And Gameplay Trailers.

All of this is made possible by new technology, which let Bethesda Game Studios make each player’s experience totally unique while still giving it the hand-crafted care that players have come to rely on.


Life was Strange, Vampyr, as well as Tell Me Why were all made by the same company, Don’t Nod. Jusant is an unique action-puzzle game that is built on climbing.

In this quiet game with no spoken conversation, you will climb an unimaginably tall tower and encounter various biomes to discover while travelling with the Ballast, a mystery friend made of water. Jusant will come out for Xbox Series X|S in the autumn of 2023.

Still Wakes The Deep:

Still Wakes The Deep is a first-person horror story. It was made by the same people who made Dear Esther, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, as well as Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, all of which were very well received by critics.

A Glaswegian who works on an oil rig must fight for his life in the thick, dark, and dangerous North Sea seas and a violent storm. No one can talk to anyone else, and there are no more ways out. The sole means to get away from the horror on board is by confronting it.

Hurry to get away from the scary, strange thing that has taken over the rig. It knows who you are and needs you. Climb, hide, as well as swim through tight, twisted hallways and iron decks that are battered by storms.

Find your team and help them stay alive. Someone is stuck in the galley, someone else needs you to fix the power, as well as something strange is going on with your boss, who is a pain in the rear. You just keep praying to hear your daughter’s voice one more time.

Dungeons Of Hinterberg:

With a sword and a travel book in hand, you can explore the beautiful mountain town of Hinterberg and find the magic that is hidden in its caves. In Hinterberg, you can learn to use magic, solve problems, and kill monsters, among other things.

Prepare to go on vacation to a modern town located in the Austrian Alps, yet instead of hiking as well as skiing, you’ll be killing monsters, looking for treasure, and solving problems.

Around Hinterberg, 25 magical caves have opened up lately, and killing monsters has become a popular tourist activity, bringing explorers from across the globe to the small town.

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty:

Keanu Reeves presented the next video and said he was very happy to be working with Idris Elba within the future Cyberpunk 2077 update.

The video shows that V, who is carrying a bomb stuck to their head, has an opportunity to save themselves by going on a dangerous task to get a VIP out of danger.

Things don’t go as planned, though, because the task fails. Idris Elba then plays a big role as he leads the player into the action-packed fallout. On September 26, 2023, it will happen.

Cities Skylines II:

towns: Skylines 2 was first shown in a CG video at the Paradox Launch Show 2023. In the Xbox Showcase, real-life gaming footage was shown, and it showed planning and making towns.

towns: Skylines 2 comes out on October 24 and is available on Game Pass from the start. This year, people who like to build towns will be allowed to do so.


Metaphor ReFantazio is the first full-scale fantasy RPG made by ATLUS. It was made by the same people who made the Persona games: director Katsura Hashino, character creator Shigenori Soejima, and musician Shoji Meguro.

Write your own fate and get over your fears as you walk into a dream world that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The kingdom is on the edge of a cliff, and there are a lot of disturbing mysteries there.

Now you have to go on a journey, where you will have to face challenges and turn your friendships into strengths. Studio Zero is in charge of making ReFantazio.


Towerborne represents the the latest game from Stoic, the company that made the Banner Saga series, which won several awards. Towerborne possesses something for everyone. It has fun battles, ways to make it your own, and stories to find.

You will find yourself among the rubble of the City of Numbers, where a single tower protects the remaining people from an evil that is about to strike.

You play the role of Ace, a hero who is meant to bring promise to people during a dark time. Multiplayer can have up to four people at once, so you can go on your journey with friends or by yourself.

Towerborne is made so that players can choose how to play. On Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, Windows, as well as Steam from day one. Coming 2024. Now, you can read our exclusive chat with the team.

Clockwork Revolution:

In a fantasy city, a cruel leader talks about the consequences of revolt and threatens to chase any rebels through time and space.

It’s an action game played from the first-person point of view, and it shows video of the main character making parts of the world go back in time. It looks and feels a lot like Bioshock.

Wasteland, Torment is getting a new game called Clockwork Revolution from In Exile Entertainment, but no exact release date was given.

Xbox S Carbon Black Series:

The big ending of the show before the Starfield Direct would be laughed at if it had been the real ending. The Xbox Games Showcase finished with the reveal of the Xbox Series S Carbon Black, which includes a 1TB SSD and will cost $349.

This fixes the biggest problem with the Xbox Series S, which is that the base model has very little hard drive room even though it can only play digital games.

It looks like the Xbox Series X/S as well as Game Pass will have a great year in 2024, but 2023 doesn’t look so good. The company is really putting all of its hopes upon Starfield, especially since the start of Redfall was so bad.

Could Starfield measure up to the hype as well as save the Xbox brand in 2023, especially since its rivals have some amazing first-party exclusives? Just wait and see.

When Will The Xbox Series S Carbon Black Come Out?

Starting today, you can pre-order the Xbox Series S 1TB at or for $349.99 ERP. It will be available on September 1, just in time for Starfield. In the coming weeks, we’ll add more stores and areas.

Team Xbox wants to thank you for helping to make Xbox the best spot to play, as we can’t wait to play console games with you in the future. Visit to find out more.


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