When You’re Desperate There are Seven Things To Ask To A Computer Repair Professional

Nowadays, with mass-produced electronics being less expensive, there are many electronic items that are cheaper to replace than to repair. For example, televisions are much easier to replace than being repaired. Smartphones are also in the same boat as well, but still, they have a hope to be repaired.

So, why should your personal computer get left over? Personal computers can either be repaired or replaced, depending upon the amount of damage that is inflicted along with the cost of the spare parts.

In the last 5 years, the average cost of personal computers have been increasing day by day. $600-700 is the average price of a normal computer these days. This price seems more than televisions but lesser than smartphones – but computers are much easier to be repaired. A computer is made up of different parts put together.

So, a failure of a single part will just make it easy to repaired or replaced. So, without further ado let’s get into the questions that you can ask to the professional repair services.

Warranties and Guarantees

It can be easily seen that a new unit will have a warranty ranging from 1 to 3 years. Therefore, repairs should also have the same time frame, especially when a part is replaced. Even though the parts of a computer are connected, it doesn’t mean failure of one part will lead to another. But yes, the failure will affect the other parts. Therefore, repair services have different warranties on different parts. It should be noted that power supplies have the longest warranties, and memory/RAM have the shortest.

Having Credentials and Certificates

It is always necessary to ask for certificates or credentials for organizations who are involved in IT hardware and software. A certification is necessary because it gives a basic understanding of the systems. Also, give a standardization in the work done too. Service centers who show their credentials take time and money to obtain. This also shows a dedication to the industry too.

Work Based On Hour Or Flat Rates

Service centers take hourly rates for diagnostics because it can take an unexpected amount of time to be done. While normal work relating to labor and others are charged flat fees. So, getting the pricing structure will really help you to get an understanding of the costs.

Parts And Labour Prices

Labor charges are charged on the actual amount of time being put in the work. While parts prices are standard. Some service centers buy parts in bulk, so the cost may be lower. Sometimes, repairing the same part can be impossible due to technological obsolescence. This is where replacements are offered.

Protection Of Data

When a computer is handed over for repairs or replacements, it should be noted that it may contain numerous and plenty of important data. If any type of data loss happens during computer repair or replacements, service centers have specific data recovery software to take care of the situation.

Tracking Changes

Most good service centers have a policy on tracking changes. This makes sure that they can follow the same footsteps if the same problem occurs. Also, it will help the service center to anticipate any changes or upgrades in the future.

Making House Calls

Most service centers allow you to drop off your computer at their centers. But sometimes they also offer serving at home as well, where you keep your computer in-house. The charge hourly rate for the cause.


Therefore, it can be easily seen that, with these above seven questions, you can easily ask your repairing professionals, in order to make a good and informed decision, to see which service center is right for you. Hopefully, you will have a great experience.


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