L-Mount Unleashed: Panasonic Launches Lumix S Series Full-Size

Leica, Panasonic and Sigma are cooperating on the new L-mount. In addition Panasonic announces for the bayonet two new full-format cameras of the Lumix S series.

Before the start of the Photokina 2018, a small earth quake goes through the camera industry. Leica Camera, Panasonic and Sigma have announced the formation of the L-Mount Alliance. Together, the three companies want to bring cameras and lenses for the L-bayonet on the market. The strategic partnership is similar to the Micro Four Thirds Standard, which Panasonic founded together with Olympus in 2008.

L-mount for full format and APS-C

The bayonet is not a completely new development, but the Alliance relies on the 2014 introduced with the Leica T L-Mount. This had been further developed and improved. With a diameter of 51.6 mm, the bayonet is suitable for cameras with both full-frame and APS-C sensors. Optics of the various systems can be used without adapters and allegedly without any restrictions on all L-mount cameras. The small support dimension of only 20 mm should also allow compact lenses.

Leica is already using the L bayonet connector in full format from the Leica SL system, as well as in the APS-C format from the Leica CL, Leica TL and Leica TL2. Panasonic is now launching Photokina with two full format cameras, and Sigma also wants to introduce new products in the near future.

Lumix S1 and Lumix S1R: Panasonic’s full-frame premiere

For the L-mount, Panasonic introduces the Lumix S1 and Lumix S1R, the first new full-frame cameras, celebrating its mirrorless full-frame premiere. These should come on the market in the spring of 2019. Panasonic already announces the first details.

Similar to the A7 and A7R series from industry leader Sony, the Lumix S series launches with two system cameras, which differ primarily by the sensor resolution. The Lumix S1 resolves with 24 megapixels, the Lumix S1R brings it to 47 megapixels.

Both the cameras come with a dual image stabilization system that combines camera shake correction for the camera and lens. Panasonic promises a large and high-resolution electronic viewfinder, a three-axis rotating monitor and a dual XQD / SD card slot. Both Lumix S cameras are also weatherproof and should be able to record 4K videos with 60 bits/s.

Panasonic also announced its own L-lenses. It will begin with a 50mm f/1.4 fixed focal length, a 24-105mm f / 2.8 zoom and a 70-200mm f / 2.8 zoom. By 2020, the number of features from Panasonic with L-mount will grow to over ten.

The company still wants to stick to the MFT system and want to continue to maintain it. As a proof, Panasonic announced the Leica DG Vario-Summilux F1.7/ 10-25mm (20-50mm KB). At the same time with a bright new wide-angle zoom for the MFT system. In future, the L-mount cameras will aim for the high-end segment.


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