What’s The Passcode For The Microwave In Roblox Locate The Markers?

What’s The Passcode For The Microwave In Roblox Locate The Markers?

Find the Markers on Roblox has a lot of creative ways to hide the markers all over the map. This includes one where players will have to put in a special password on a microwave to find out where a marker is hidden.

No matter how hard the game is, you won’t find the code on any part of the map. Instead, the code is actually on the main page of Roblox. Here’s where the microwave code is and what marker you are able to obtain from it in Find the Markers.

The goal of the Roblox game Discover the Markers is to… well, discover the markers. In the Roblox game Find the Markers, you have to find every one of the markers. This game has the feel of a scavenger hunt, & players must work hard to find every one of the markers that are hidden around the area.

Code Microwave:

Each player in the game will have a different microwave code. The reason for this is that the code is your own User ID number for Roblox. You can find your number by going to Roblox.com on a web browser & signing in from the front page.

How Can You Find Code For Microwave:

From there, click on the picture of your avatar in the upper right corner of the screen. This should take you to your profile page. On this page, your user ID is the 10-digit code that comes after Roblox.com/users/ in the url bar. You can find it in the web browser’s URL.

Where Is Microwave:

After you find it, go back to the game to enter the two-story brown house in the middle of the map. The microwave will then be on the kitchen counter on the second floor of the house.

Once you put your User ID into the microwave, the grey fireplace next to it will unlock its door and show you the blue and yellow Noob Marker that was hiding behind it.

You Can Find More Markers In This House:

Even more markers can be found in this house. For example, you can find the Hanging Marker by looking at the ceiling of the second floor. The Magenta Marker, on the other hand, is easy to get.

Just open the brown door that leads to the bathroom. After you find these, look outside to see if you can find the Lucky Marker & Chocolate Marker close by.


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