How To Create Net Launcher Ammunition In Raft

How To Create Net Launcher Ammunition In Raft:

In the survival game Raft, players will have to live off the land, or the lack of it. As they sail around the sea, players will slowly collect different resources that can be researched and then used to make new items that will help them advance in the game.

In Raft, one of the biggest ways to move forward is to catch animals to live on the raft with you. To do this, you’ll need a net launcher and ammunition. Here’s how to make the net launcher ammunition.

You can discover and tame animals in the survival game Raft. You need to have a net launcher and the right ammunition, which are net canisters, to capture them more easily. We’ll teach you how to make both of them.

How To Open Net Canisters:

Once the Net Launcher is made, the ammunition for it should become available. The ammunition, which is called “Net Canisters,” is hard to make because you have to fight a hard aquatic enemy called a “Poison-Puffer.”

These enemy fish are different from rare fish, and you can find them in the water around islands. You can find them more easily in larger story-based lands like Caravan Island. Poison-Puffers will always drop at least one Explosive Goo, and there is a 1/3 chance that they will also drop a second one.

If you put the Goo in a Smelter on your raft, it will turn into Explosive Powder. The other two things you need are much easier to find. Stone is easy to come by in the game, and two Palm Leaves can be used to make Rope.

If your raft isn’t very big, you don’t need to make more than 5 Net Canisters. Animals take up a lot of space because they need grass to eat, and the materials they make are only useful for a short time during the game.

But it’s important to note that the Net Launcher could be hard to use properly. It takes practice and patience to fire the Net Canister accurately, since animals tend to run away from the player as well as the projectile falls much faster than any other weapon in Raft.

Before you can make the equipment, you have to do research on both tools. You need some things for this. Bring them to the research table and then use them to get the recipes for making things. You need to do research on the net-caster.

  1. Scrap
  2. Plastic
  3. Metal Ingot
  4. Bolt

To research the Net Canister, you will need the following items.

  1. Explosive Powder (Explosive Powder)
  2. Stone
  3. Rope

Catching Animals:

To catch animals in Raft, you need to throw a net. But you should work on your catching skills, because if you miss, the animals would then run away. You also need to remember how far the net thrower can go and get used to it in general.

But you can’t catch all animals, because the net thrower can only catch three different types of farm animals.


On most of the bigger islands, you can find goats. Once you catch them, you can use a bucket to milk them.


On most green islands, you could also find llamas. With a pair of scissors, you can cut the wool off of them. But always make sure they have enough to eat, because instead of going hungry, they will just stop making wool.


A creature that looks like a chicken and lays an egg each 4 to 6 minutes. To make sure it keeps making milk, you must feed it a plot of watered grass.


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