What’s The Finest Handgun In Resident Evil 4 Remake?

What’s The Finest Handgun In Resident Evil 4 Remake?

During your playthrough of the Resident Evil 4 remake, you will find a number of handguns. Every one of these firearms has its own set of stats that differentiate it from the others, so not each handgun belongs to the same level.

There will be choices, as well as some players might like one over another depending on how they play, but the stats are also important. Here is what you have to understand the most effective handgun inside the Resident Evil 4 remake.

In Resident Evil 4, Users Could Indeed Upgrade Their Weapons.

As in the original game, the remake of Resident Evil 4 has a lot of guns that can be fully upgraded if you have enough money. So, you may be wondering.

Which gun should you upgrade first, and what guns perform best in each category? We’ll talk about which pistol, rifle, shotgun, as well as magnum you should use.

Resident Evil 4 Weapons List:

Miscellaneous Weapons

Weapon Name


Bolt Thrower 10,000 Pesetas
Rocket Launcher 80,000 Pesetas


Combat Knife Starting weapon
Fighting Knife Unlock At Chapter 14
Primal Knife 1,000 CP


SG-09 R Starting weapon
Punisher meet the merchant to get
Red9 Complete The Chapter
Black-tail 24,000 Pesetas
Matilda Complete The Chapter 9


W-870 Chapter 1 In The Village
Riot Gun 28,000 Pesetas
Striker 38,000 Pesetas


SR M1903 12,000 Pesetas
Stingray 30,000 Pesetas
CQBR Assault Rifle Chapter 10 Inside the castle


TMP 10,000 Pesetas
LE 5 find in northern freezer room
Chicago Sweeper you have to play this game in professional mode


Broken Butterfly 38,000 Pesetas
Killer7 77,700 Pesetas
Hand-cannon Complete the game in professional mode

Which Pistol Is The Best?

In the Resident Evil 4 remake, you can find and use a number of pistols. You start with the SG 09 R and can quickly discover the Punisher, Red9, Black-tail, as well as the Matilda.

Each of these weapons is available at different times. The Punisher and the SG-09 R are two of the first weapons you can get. You can play the whole game with the SG 09, however the more dangerous opponents will likely give you trouble as the game goes on.

Many players will probably try to get the Punisher or even the Red9 the most out of these weapons.

Which Is Better The Punisher or Red 9?

The Punisher is just a one of a kind handgun that shoots a powerful, deep shot. It is the best way to cut thru the enemies, especially if they are protecting themselves with armor or a shield.

On the opposite hand, the Red9 has a greater amount of firepower than the Punisher, but it doesn’t have the same accuracy, rate of fire, or speed to reload.

How To Make Red9 More Powerful:

You can buy the exclusive Red9 stock from the merchant to greatly boost the weapon’s overall power, but you can still use more upgrade points on the Punisher to make it a much stronger weapon.

Still, Red9 Is Stronger Than Punisher:

The Red9 handgun is not very useful, regardless of the Red9 stock. Again, the one and only thing it has over the handgun the Punisher uses is power. Even though the Punisher’s penetration is useful, it might be more useful at the end of the game.

We’re going to suggest the Punisher out of all the choices. The Red9 seems to be a good gun, but there are better ones. Also, the other choices, such as the Black-tail or even the Matilda, are fine, but they don’t feel capable of keep up with Punisher.

Comparison Between Red9 And Punisher:

stats Name

Red 9


Power 2.7 1.9
Ammo Capacity 16 24
Reload Speed 1.25 1.5
Rate of Fire 1.26 1.91
Precision 4.8 4.5
Exclusive Upgrade Increase power by 1.5x Penetrate through 5 targets.

If we look at how powerful, how fast it reloads, and how accurate the Red 9 is compared to the Punisher, the Red 9 is the clear winner. But Punisher is the one we suggest. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to choose the gun that’s best for you.


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