How To Open The Hexagonal Slot Gate In Resident Evil 4 Remake

How To Open The Hexagonal Slot gate In Resident Evil 4 Remake:

In the Resident Evil 4 remake, soon after you leave the abandoned factory, there will be a closed door that you need to get past to keep playing. This door can’t be opened because it’s locked with a hexagonal slot.

You’ll have to find a key that fits this plan ahead of time, which can be hard. In the Resident Evil 4 remake, you need to know how to access the hexagon-shaped slot gate.

Who Made The Remake Of Resident Evil 4:

Resident Evil 4 Remake is a 3rd horror game that Capcom made and put out. The RE4 Remake is a remastered version of the original Resident Evil 4 game, which came out in 2005. It has better graphics and new game mechanics.

Key With A Hexagon Shaped Hole:

The first time you meet a merchant, you could indeed discover the hexagon-shaped slot gate right next to them. When you get close to the entrance, you won’t be able to open the door till the you find the key. This happens soon after you get your first opportunity to take the Punisher pistol.

You need to go down the path to the right of the merchant. This will lead you to a small village with many infected people who are ready to attack you.

You’re in the right place to look for the hexagon key, but you should take them out first. To get rid of all the villages, you’ll have to run around this area. After you’ve done this, go to the center building.

On top of this tower is the hexagonal key. When you get to the top, use the small device and the hexagonal key will fall from where it was hanging. You need to leave this part of the village right now. You should be able to get back to the factory by unlocking a lock on the right ramps of a gate.

When you get there, you can interact with the hexagonal shape and change the symbol so that it matches the shape of the key. Once you’ve done that, you can turn the hexagon shape over, line up the key with the lock, and move on.

What You Will Get If You Do This Task:

As you obey those steps, many villagers will come at you with axes, knives, or even dynamite, prepared to destroy Leon. This makes a simple task a bit of a hassle.

Take your time as well as try to kill a lot of Ganado’s to thin out the herd. This will make it much easier for you to traverse the valley without getting stuck.

There are also a lot of breakable containers in the Valley that will give you ammo as well as other supplies to keep going, so look for one of the Resident Evil 4 small keys while you loot the Valley.

Ways To Get Out Of The Valley:

To get out of the valley, you need to go up the path on the northeast side and turn the wheel to open the gate. Now you can go back to the Hexagonal Slot and put the Hexagonal Emblem in it. It’s a bit of a puzzle to figure out how to put it in.

Turn it until the bird is facing the opposite direction of the one on the slot, then turn it backwards to put it in. It will turn into a handle you could indeed turn to open the gate and move on in the Resident Evil 4 remake.


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