What the World’s Top eBay Sellers Add to Their Listings to Increase Sales ?

The journey from $100/per month on ebay to being listed as one of the top sellers on ebay was not easy, and in the process, we discovered something about ourselves and the hidden secrets behind what makes an ebay seller successful.


Naturally, we did not base our research just on our success but carried out a detailed analysis of various top sellers and here are the results. If you have just registered as a seller on ebay and looking to streamline your sales then you can read digital global JV,  They have written many articles on such topics, then you definitely need the low down on what these top sellers add to their listings to make them a success overnight.

  • Images and image gallery: Images are a must and not just any image but professionally shot images that displays the product in optimal light, and tone. As humans we process images 60000 times faster than we do text so naturally, images have a more powerful impact than any sales pitch. Most of the top sellers on Ebay use image listings to showcase their product. For example, super dry listings (970, 734 feedback score) use images on 50% of their listings. There are others who do the same and these pictures manage to close a sale more effectively than any pitch you may have to offer. There are various studies that indicate that offering images and high-res ones at that result in more sales than with a simple text based ad.
  • Visuals matter: Apart from images, most of the top sellers also use videos to convey their story or message. The point being that the video in question must be professionally handled, so that It manages to create a good impression and then you can upload the same with your listing on ebay.
  • Shorter ebay listings: No one’s looking for the entire history behind your product, they just need the specifics. Remember that online users hardly stay on a page for more than a few seconds and given this attention deficient span of time, you need to do what you can to make a good impression. That means that you need to adopt a minimalistic approach, use white space strategically, focus attention to your listing and make sure that only relevant and important parts are mentioned in the listing. According to Digital global news, while there is no guarantee that shorter listings lead to success, the fact is that it does lead to a better conversion rate. Making the listings shorter often forces the buyer to focus on pertinent sections of your listing and then make an informed decision. So make sure that you keep your listings short, with the right amount of visuals as well.
  • The layout: It is important that you put in some research to design your listing so that it appeals to all. The layout of the listing itself should be designed in way as to focus the user’s attention to the product details. And of course, you would need to embed a few images and even videos with your ad to make it all the more attractive. No one’s going to pay attention to your listing if there’s an information overload, so opt for a minimalistic appearance and the rest should be easy.
  • Special offers/discounts: You can always include special offers, discounts, festive offers with your main listing. That’s no guarantee of a sale but it should still be enough to generate interest and soon it should start translating to actual sales. Everyone is interested in a discount and the chance to get something at cheaper rates. That’s only natural and you can capitalize on the same, and get more eyeballs on your ad by listing special offers and discounts.
  • Get good feedback score: Having a good feedback score always helps to shore up the credibility factor. So you may want to respond to any queries or comments immediately and be more responsive as all of this can result in a positive feedback.

These are some of the ways through which you should be able to increase the visibility for your listing and get a higher conversion rate than before. It is important that you understand your key demographic so that you can develop an ad that appeals to them directly. With this, you should be able to increase your reach, develop a larger customer base and in general, make more sales within a short amount of time.


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