What Steps Can You Take To Prepare For An Intense 1VN Block Puzzle Battle?

Block Puzzle is a fascinating game. It appears deceivingly straightforward but laced with traps and challenges. While the online game is a distant relative of Tetris, it is reimagined with unique features to appeal to the new-age millennial gamers. For instance, the block pieces don’t fall from the top of the screen. You’ll find the pieces at the screen’s bottom, and three pieces will appear at once. Three more will appear when you have placed the previous pieces on the board. 

What’s more, Block Puzzle features a timer, and each match lasts for about five minutes. Within the five minutes, you have to attempt to score the highest. Also, it is a multiplayer game, so you can engage in intense 1V1 battles or participate in 1VN tournaments. The tournaments require players to pay an initial entry fee, and you are pitted against multiple players eyeing the cash reward. So, if you are playing the Block Puzzle game to battle it out with real-life online players and come out victorious, you need to keep in mind the following preparation tips. 

  • Engage in 1V1 battles when you are free and don’t have any prior commitments 

The first and obvious preparation tip is entering a 1V1 battle with an online player when you don’t have meetings or other commitments. If you seek quick entertainment in the middle of your workday, ensuring you have five minutes with zero disturbance would be better. 

Also, while the match lasts for those five minutes, you need to disable all the alerts and notifications on your phone. Notifications can distract you, and since it is a race against time, you cannot afford to lose even a second. 

If you are playing at home, ensure you have all your snacks and beverages ready or place them where you can reach them. You wouldn’t want to get up and look for snacks in the middle of a challenging match. 

  • Free practice games are your best friend 

Don’t take the free practice matches lightly because they will help prepare you for the serious matches. The practice games allow you to understand how the game is played, and you get to compete against a real-life opponent. By playing sufficient practice matches, you’ll get the hang of the nuances and navigation of the game. 

Also, when you are playing practice games, ensure to implement and practice the following game strategies:

  • Try to clear as many lines as possible instead of focusing on clearing single lines. The primary objective of the Block Puzzle is not to fill the board but to clear horizontal and vertical lines so you can place more pieces on the board and score points. If your board has no more space left for the pieces, it’ll be game over for you. 
  • Ensure to leave a spot for the dreaded square block piece. The 3X3 piece is highly notorious and can appear at any time. It can make or break your game. The square piece cannot be rotated. Therefore, one of the tricks to last longer in the game is to leave space for this square piece. After all, the longer you can remain in the game, the more opportunities you’ll find to score more than your opponent. 
  • Never make the mistake of placing the blocks randomly across the board. Every move must be calculated. If you cannot create horizontal or vertical lines to clear the pieces from the board, the game will come to an abrupt end. 

These strategies must be tested out before you can implement them during an intense battle with an experienced opponent. 

  • Check your Internet connection and ensure it is stable 

Imagine you are in the middle of neck-to-neck competition, and your internet connection bails on you. While your Wi-Fi reconnects, you might have lost the match, and the countdown timer shows 00:00. 

You don’t want to live in this situation. So, check if your Internet connection is stable. If your Internet is running slow or giving trouble, don’t start playing a match. Wait for some time and let your Wi-Fi connection get stable. Then, you can play without any disturbance. 

  • Meditate and find a comfortable place to sit 

Meditation will help to stay calm during an intense battle. Most times, players lose a winning match because they get too nervous. They become overwhelmed looking at their opponent’s scores and the countdown timer. To avoid this, you need to meditate and calm your nerves. The secret to winning any battle is to remain calm in stressful situations. You’ll not make any mistakes and gain a competitive edge. 

Finding a comfortable place to sit will help you concentrate on the match solely and not on your uncomfortable position. If you are sitting awkwardly or standing for a long time, you might lose focus. Before hitting play on a 1V1 battle, find a comfortable sofa or chair and occupy it. You may remain seated for hours because the Block Puzzle game can be captivating. 

The Bottom Line 

Do you feel prepared? Next time you are considering engaging in a head-to-head Block Puzzle battle, keep the hacks mentioned above. These will help you solely concentrate on your match and make your opponent bite dust. 

So, download the app and read up on the rules. Also, ensure to peruse the scoring system to enhance your winning chances. All the best!


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