VR Le Futur 111: New PSVR patent, Ryte, Hyper Dash The 100% Virtual Reality program!

Gameblog meets you every week in “VR le Futur,” a program entirely dedicated to virtual reality! Thanks to “VR Monkey,” you will know all about the news of games on PSVR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and others, through the News, Focus, Dossier, Releases Test sections.

On this frosty Tuesday, without further ado, here is the VR program from the editorial staff, with this week a new PSVR patent, the Maskmaker preview, or even Hype Dash. And lots of other things! 

Contents of this program:


  • New PSVR patent
  • Winds & Leaves announced
  • TWD: Saints & Sinners are not done with us
  • Maskmaker’s preview
  • Hyper Dash gives the news.
  • A “PSVR” game on the PS +


  • Catan VR
  • Propagation VR Coop


  • RITE: The Eye of Atlantis
  • Note that you can (must!) Also, find the show’s host,  VR Singe, in his Gameblog, where there are in particular full let’s play and even longer than in the show.

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