Borderlands The Movie Cast Jamie Lee Curtis for the role of Tannis

Joins confirmed actors Cate Blanchett and Kevin Hart; Curtis is famous for the Halloween movies and Daring Lies.

There are currently several film adaptations of video games, and perhaps one of the most promising is Borderlands, which is showing a team full of big-name actors.

The latest addition is Jamie Lee Curtis, an actress known for Halloween (1978) -and numerous horror films of the 80s-, A fish named Wanda (1988), Risky lies (1994), or the most recent Stabbing in the back (2019).

He will join Oscar winner Cate Blanchett as Lilith and comedian Kevin Hart as Roland. Based on the well-known Gearbox Software saga, Borderlands will be directed by Eli Roth – Cabin Fever, Hostel, The Green Inferno or Death Wish – with a story by Craig Mazin, winner of an Emmy for the Chernobyl series.

Blanchett will play a legendary thief, Hart will play a skilled soldier, while Curtis will play Tannis, an archaeologist on Pandora who may hold the key to finding an ancient chamber with alien technology.

Patricia Tannis is a non-playable character but is an important part of the saga’s history; she offered missions in Borderlands 2 and returned for the last game thus far, Borderlands 3.

“Working with the iconic Jamie Lee Curtis has been a great dream for a long time,” says the director known for his horror films. “The kind of talent we’ve been able to unite for Borderlands is a testament to the incredible script that Craig has written and Pandora’s vision for Eli,” says Nathan Kahane of Lionsgate.

“Jamie is unique because his characters have depth and appeal, but they are also incredibly entertaining; he eats the screen.”

He will also star in Halloween Kills.

Curtis returned to his well-known role in the 2018 Halloween directed by David Gordon Green, which achieved a good box office. Its sequel, Halloween Kills, would have been released last October, but COVID-19 delayed the premiere to October of this year – if no more setbacks arise.

Halloween Ends would hit theaters in October 2022. He is also starring in an A24 science fiction film, Everything Everywhere All at Once, from the Swiss Army Man’s directors.


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