Vanishing Grace: Oculus quest trailer launched

Vanishing Grace

Vanishing Grace: Oculus quest trailer launched.

After a pre-alpha demo on Sidequest, the first title of Monte Perdido is about to be officially launched on the autonomous helmet of Oculus.

Vanishing Grace is perhaps a title by Gustavo Santaolalla that we find in the OST of The Last of Us and a book by Philip Yancey on the Christian liver elsewhere.

Above all, it is the title of the first VR game from Spanish studio Monte Perdido, released in February 2021 on Oculus Quest.

In any case, this is what the launch trailer posted online today reveals.

Recall that a pre-alpha demo of the game has been available since April 2020 on Sidequest and that this will therefore be its final release in full version, without our knowing the exact day yet.

Shortly, where a solar storm has transformed life on Earth, you will don Joel’s boots to search for Grace, your childhood friend who has disappeared.

You will therefore leave the Citadel for the first time in your life and follow Grace’s trail in the desert aboard her aerodyne (a sort of hovercraft), returned without her.

You will also need to maintain your machine between each site you visit to find new clues and recharge it with magnetic energy that you will collect on the floating stones using your futuristic boomerang.

The adventure, which talks about the sacrifices we have to make to achieve our place in the world, should last 4 to 5 hours and cost around 15 €.

Vanishing Grace, which therefore presents itself as an exploration puzzle game focused on narration and which is not without reminding us of other titles such as Firewatch, will join the Oculus Rift and the PSVR at a later date. Stay tuned for the next update.


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