Grounded: A new patch is out now


Grounded: A new patch is out now.

In early access on Xbox Game Pass, Grounded puts you in the shoes of a character as small as an ant on his adventure in a garden full of giant insects.

The Obsidian studio is deploying a second patch 0.6.2 on Xbox and PC for its game Grounded. The latter aims to solve more problems and bring many improvements for the flying insects. It implements some new features.

Bug fixes:

The player will no longer have to worry about connection or respawning. Pressing the button to hold an object no longer crashes. The duplication pallet boards and rods pallets cause more disconnection.

The interaction with the card does not cause an error. The buildings can now be destroyed without crashing fear. The spawn point cancellation is made correctly—the placement of objects in stages based on triggers by the bug.

Gameplay improvements:

The damaged buildings now display their health. Items should no longer be thrown in directions you are not facing. The building placement functionality has been improved to avoid palisade positioning issues.

Articles / Equipment / Resources:

You can now drink from a gourd while holding a shield.

Enemy Improvements:

Ants are no longer endlessly intrigued by you. They will eventually get bored and carry on with their lives. Ants will no longer attack you when harvesting Raven Feathers. Flying creatures are knocked back when you hit them. Fireflies appear more systematically after dark.


Firefly’s audio has been improved. Stay tuned for the next update.


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