Top 3 Most Awaited Smartphones of 2018

The new year is almost here, and smartphone industry has already started buzzing with the rumors and leaks of next year’s flagship smartphones. The most awaited smartphones are still from the very same companies which launched the bestselling smartphones of this year, which is not very surprising. Here we’re going to take a look on 3 of those most awaited smartphones that will be launched next year so you can start thinking about which one to buy. Let’s begin:

#1. Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung releases a flagship Galaxy S smartphone every year, so next year will be no different and we’ll see the launch of Samsung Galaxy S9 in the first quarter of the year. As always, the device is expected to come with latest and most powerful Snapdragon processor, which is Snapdragon 845. Since this chip can bring considerable improvement to performance and battery life of smartphones, big breakthroughs are expected in the performance and battery departments of Galaxy S9 as well. Other features of the device may include 4GB RAM, 5.9-inch Infinity display and 12mp dual-lens secondary camera, similar to the one that was seen in Galaxy Note 8.

#2. Apple iPhone 9

Apple might’ve earned some bad press recently by its sensational confession about the deliberate slowdown of old iPhones, but the fact is that its hardcore fans (which is a very large fan base) will still go gaga for the next iPhone when it’s launched in 2018. Those who prefer Apple over anything else are already on the side of company, so it shouldn’t be surprising if this dust settles down pretty quickly. It’s pretty safe to assume that iPhone 9 (or iPhone XI – it’s not clear what it will be called) will also be among the most anticipated devices of 2018.

As of now we don’t know much about it, except for the fact that it will come with a significantly larger battery and a 6-inch display. There will also be a Plus version of this device, with even larger battery and the 6.5-inch display. Both phones are expected to arrive with OLED displays, and in terms of design may come with the same edge-to-edge design that we saw in iPhone X.

#3. LG G7

This flagship smartphone of LG will compete directly with Galaxy S9 in the early launch race, so no surprise that eyes are set on this one as well. And the competition this time has been made more exciting by some very amazing leaks and rumors. It has been heard that LG G7 will come with highly advanced iris scanners and may also feature the display-embedded fingerprint sensor. If that happens, LG will become the first smartphone maker to launch a device with this long-awaited feature. It has also been heard that G7 will come with an OLED display, and it’s also gonna be the first device to come with 5G support. Snapdragon 845 is also expected to be a part of this flagship product, but since this device is expected to debut next month at CES, it’s also a point of doubt.


So these are the 3 most awaited smartphones of 2018. If you want to get a new flagship within first few months of next year, you’ll have to go with LG G7 or Galaxy S9. Otherwise if you can wait till second half of next year then you’ll have the option of choosing iPhone 9 as well. Which one would you like to choose? Share your choice and thoughts in the comments and have a happy new year!


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