OnePlus 6 May be Launched in March 2018 With Under-Display Fingerprint Sensor

The lifespan of OnePlus’ flagship smartphones is getting shorter with every new launch. The company had launched its OnePlus 5 smartphone in June, and last month it came out with OnePlus 5T. Now it has merely been a month since that particular launch, and we’re listening that another launch is around the corner. That’s right – if rumors are true, as they usually tend to be in case of this company, then we are gonna see the launch of OnePlus 6 in March 2018.

This news has come from Gizmochina blog, which says from citation of its sources that company will launch the device sometime in the middle of March next year. And the biggest highlight of this device will be an under-display fingerprint sensor – something that’s widely awaited from a very long time! If that happens then OnePlus will become the first OEM to launch a smartphone with working optical fingerprint sensor, which can do wonders for its brand name (and also for its sales).

As far as other specs of the device are concerned, it’s unsurprisingly expected to be the best flagship product of the company till date. With Snapdragon 845 chipset it’s gonna be the most powerful device ever launched by the company, and as a result, probably the costliest one as well. However, the company has already been pipped by its rival Xiaomi in the race of launching first SD 845 based smartphone – the later just announced its Mi 7 as first Snapdragon 845 based device.

The Snapdragon 845 chip is gonna be a part of every major flagship smartphone that will be launched next year, as it can bring significant improvements to battery life, graphics performance, video recording and other camera capabilities. But despite being 2nd to Xiaomi in the race of SD 845 OnePlus may come out as a winner by huge margin if it indeed pulls off the trick called under-display fingerprint sensor. If that thing is implemented successfully in OnePlus 6, and it works flawlessly and looks cool, the sales will blast!

OnePlus had shifted the location of its fingerprint sensor from front to back in OnePlus 5T for the sake of maximizing screen size. However, that’s not an ideal location. So now with this new technology, the fingerprint sensor may once again be brought to front, without doing any compromises with the screen size.

Now it’ll be interesting to see whether this information turns out to be true or not. We may also see some early working instances of under-screen fingerprint sensors at CES next month. But it’s very likely that first devices with working fingerprint sensors are gonna be launched either by OnePlus or Vivo – both of which are owned by the same company called BBK Electronics!


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