Tony Stark’s redemption story in Marvel and Robert Downey Jr.’s are similar

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Robert Downey Jr. compares his Hollywood redemption story to Tony Stark’s

Few actors have rebuilt their careers as Robert Downey Jr. did just over a decade ago. Before slipping into smart armor and becoming Iron Man, the actor went through a period of darkness that led to him being disowned by Hollywood.

And yet, he is now one of the brightest stars in the industry, even with his time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe ending.

When Robert Downey Jr. stepped into Tony Stark’s shoes in 2008 for the Iron Man film directed by Jon Favreau, no one expected the actor to become the mainstay of what is now the highest-grossing franchise in film history.
Recently, Robert Downey Jr has spoken to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. He has compared his redemption history in the industry to that experienced by Tony Stark within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
“I hate to say it, but sometimes to build and thrive on something, you have to destroy what was there before,” Robert Downey Jr. commented during the interview.
“This industry is pendular; many times, it turns its back on you, but it has a great capacity for forgiveness. However, I was lucky that my dark years passed before the heyday of the Internet. I think my own personal experience helped me when representing some of Tony Stark’s most troubling moments in the MCU. “
Be that as it may, the Robert Downey Jr. iteration of Tony Stark is one of Marvel Studios ‘ great finds and a treat for Marvel movies’ fans.


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