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The role of the God of Thunder in Thor: Love and Thunder, difficult for Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth’s stunt double is not having an easy time keeping up with the actor and playing the God of Thunder’s role in Thor: Love and Thunder.

At this point, no one doubts Chris Hemsworth’s prodigious physique. The actor who has given life to Thor since 2011 has enjoyed a spectacular shape when playing Odin’s son, except for Avengers Endgame.

The magic of the special effects turned him into a hideous version of the character crossed with El Note from The Big Lebowski. Hemsworth is filming Thor: Love and Thunder; his physical condition has resurfaced, along with some problems for his stunt double.

Bobby Holland Hanton has been Chris Hemsworth’s stunt double for years. Like the actor, his physique is enviable, although it results from strict training and an excessive calorie diet.

Despite constant communication between the actor and his stuntman, and they do most of the workouts together, Bobby Holland has admitted that Chris Hemsworth’s current physique is on another level.

According to Movieweb, Hemsworth’s physical condition is currently more “brutal” than ever. Holland has assured that he is doing everything possible to be up to the task but difficult for him.

The specialist says that he notices how the training affects his ligaments, not for the better. He also jokingly admits that he “thanked” Chris Hemsworth for making his job more difficult.

“Of course, training twice a day and consistently eating seven meals at the same times makes you lose your taste for eating,” Holland recently commented. There is no doubt that specialists’ work in the film industry is crucial and that most of their work is behind the scenes.


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