To Finish The Parting The Veil Quest In Destiny 2, Do The Following

To Finish The Parting The Veil Quest In Destiny 2, Do The Following:

Parting the Veil is a new quest that comes with Season of the Deep for Destiny 2. As part of this story, you’ll be able to use the powerful legendary weapon Epochal Integration for the first time.

It was hinted at in the artwork for the game’s current update, but it didn’t show up until the most recent season. When you finish the Parting the Veil quest in Destiny 2, you’ll get a new Strand Aspect, the Epochal Integration Hand Cannon, and some new information about Neomuna and the Veil.

It’s no secret that the Destiny 2 Light-fall campaign brought more inquiries than it replied, but this easy quest will take you all over Neomuna and start to explain what the Veil is by tying up some loose ends.

What Is Your Rewards:

You also get some nice prizes for your work, like Epochal Integration, which is totally master-worked and has a lot of benefits, and Strand Aspects, which give each subclass a little more variety. Here’s what you require in order to finish the Parting the Veil mission in Destiny 2.

Parting the Veil was a quest on Neomuna that happens after the main storyline. It was added with Season of the Deep.

It takes users deeper into Neptune’s city, where they can look at themes they haven’t looked at before and learn more about the planet’s superweapon. This guide shows you how to finish “Parting the Veil” so that no Guardians are left behind.

How To Begin Breaking The Veil:

Parting the Veil is a new quest that players can get from Nimbus upon Neomuna after getting the most recent patch for Destiny 2.

Players must first finish the Forgotten Business Exotic mission before they may begin Parting The Veil, so if that quest is still open and Parting The Veil isn’t showing up, finish it.

Nimbus tells the player that the Vex are doing something new on the planet as well as gives the player the job of finding out why.

How To Finish The Quest “Parting The Veil”:

Here’s what you need to do to finish the Parting the Veil quest.

Step What To Do
1 Defeat Cabal in Neomuna for Vex tracking data.
2 Secure Vex data from Maya’s Retreat.
3 Acquire additional Vex data from the exterior of the Irkalla Complex.
4 Complete the mission Parting the Veil.
5 Meditate on your findings.
6 Read note

Parting the Veil was a long mission, but it is important to finish it. Honestly, it’s not that hard compared to other things in Destiny 2, and it gives your class a powerful new weapon as well as a new Strand Aspect.

Start by beating the Cabal forces to get information on where the Vex are. You need to kill Cabal in Zephyr Concourse as well as Ahimsa Park to get what you require for this Destiny 2 mission.

Kill More Enemies To Get Information Regarding Vex:

To “get” Vex info, you have to fight more enemies. But before you do that, you should go to Maya’s Retreat. Head to Ahimsa Park. If you fast travel there, go towards the rock wall on the right.

If not, in Destiny 2, go left from Ahimsa Park. Look for a hole within the stone that you are able to pass through, then go straight till you cross two bridges.

For this phase of Parting the Veil, you will have to kill more enemies. Instead of fighting the ones right in front of you, climb the rock wall as well as go into the cave nearby. Here, kill the goblins and then get set for more fighting.

Kill More Vex And Gather Some Extra Loots:

You’ll still have to kill some more Vex. When you come across a hare alongside a gemstone on top of its head, you’ll know what to do next. After you beat her, you can go to the rear of the tunnel to get the information from the object.

Then, Guardians must go to the Irkalla Complex as well as the Esi Terminal. From there, turn left and walk straight to the entrance at the very end of the road. For this Destiny 2 quest, you’ll know you’re in the right place when you see writing on the right wall.

Drop The Green Platform Below In  Order To Go Inside The Bar Nearby:

Walk all the way through the building as well as turn right onto the deck. When you get to the other side of the curtains, you should be told that you are within the Irkalla Complex. Once you’re on the last deck, drop down to the green platform below to go into the bar nearby.

You’ll know you’re in the right place to keep working on Parting the Veil because the bar has a big glowing doorway. After going through the opening, the next step was to proceed through the hole within the complex’s wall.

Use any Destiny 2 unusual weapon you want to kill a wave of attackers and the weak Harpy three times. The next phase towards Epochal Integration requires a little more time because you have to finish the Parting the Veil task.

At The End Go To The Containment Center And Just Pay Attention To Audio Logs:

After you finish the quest, you can do the “Veil Containment” task on Neomuna. This mission just takes you towards the Veil Containment center and lets you attend to audio logs when they are available.

Now that we know it’s just the first in a series of quests, we’ll probably be doing this task once a week with the help of Osiris and Nimbus to find out more about the Veil.

But I don’t think there will be a lot of other benefits. No matter what, I hope we’ll find out soon what the veil is and why it’s there.


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