How To Get And Use Salvage Keys And Deep Dive Keys In Destiny 2

How To Get And Use Salvage Keys And Deep Dive Keys In Destiny 2:

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep adds recovery and deep diving as two new yearly tasks for players to try. Each gives players seasonal loot and moves them closer to the Season Pass, but those who want to get every new unique have a hard time getting seasonal loot.

So, players require to get rescue keys as well as deep dive keys and use them. We made this manual to help all people get as much of those keys as they can while applying them in the best way.

Even though Season of the Deep within Destiny 2 is different from past seasons in some ways, it still pretty much follows the same routine.

As the game goes on from week to week, players take part in new seasonal events and get all kinds of new guns and protection. Seasonal dealer upgrades have been turned into seasonal bonuses as well as are now listed on their own page beneath Seasonal Challenges.

Deep Dive could be more interesting than the other one. It has roguelite features, different areas that you can unlock over time, as well as secrets which assist you get more tasks and more prizes.

To get the most out of this game, you’ll require a Deep Dive Key, which lets you open boxes at the end of the task and get more prizes.

Deep Dive Keys have an extra resource within Destiny 2 that can be used in the recently added Deep Dive tasks to get better prizes. These three-player tasks are hard, but they end with a chest that you can open to get different drops.

But you’ll want to have a few of these special keys with you if you want to get the most out of your chances. The recovery key is another important part of this season. You can get an extra deep engram when you use those keys at the conclusion of the right task.

How To Get Deep Dive And Salvage Keys:

Salvage Keys as well as Deep Dive Keys are able to be earned in the same way that Defiant Keys can by doing anything in the game. Players can get recovery keys as well as deep dive keys from almost any activity, including core playlist activities, special activities, raids, and dungeons.

There isn’t a lot of chance that these keys will drop. Because of this, it can take Destiny 2 players a while to get these keys. Luckily, this won’t slow them down with the weekly plot missions, since they no longer need keys to finish them.

Players aren’t forced to depend on luck alone to get rescue keys as well as dive keys, which is good. Players may obtain both of these keys from the season pass but it will take some time.

At level 12, a player can get a key to recover. Players are able to obtain a Deep Dive Key when they reach level 24. At ranks 52 as well as 92, you can also get two more keys. You can also get two keys by getting the sonar station to ranks 7 and 13.

How To Use Deep Dive Keys And Salvage Keys:

If a player has a salvage secret or a deep dive key while doing either a salvage or deep dive activity, the key will be used when the player opens the chest at the conclusion of the activity.

It’s important to know that you don’t need rescue keys or deep dive keys to do these activities’ weekly tasks. If you use a rescue key or a deep dive key during their respective activities, the prizes in the chest at the conclusion of the activity will be much better.

As an example, without a key for the salvage action, players get about 40 reputation with the sonar station, a single seasonal piece of protection or weapon, and food if they have unlocked fishing.

But if users receive the Salvage Key when they do the Salvage action, they will get over 200 fame along with an even greater likelihood of getting a Deep Engram.

Farming A Deep Dive Key:

The best way to get rescue keys as well as deep dive keys quickly and easily is to farm the Shattered Throne in the Dreaming City. Go back to the Dûl Incaru stop farm from the Defiance season to do this.

You can get a stop for Dûl Incaru from D2 Checkpoints as well as join their Discord group if you don’t already have one. Load in as a fireteam at the Dûl Incaru checkpoint and wipe it so that at least a single of your characters has it saved.

The fireteam will subsequently require one person to switch roles and come back to the team, keeping that goal on their other character. Players are able to load back into the same Guardian as many times as they want to farm any number of keys as well as engrams as they want.

The Shattered Throne Dungeon events can be done in less than a minute, as well as every run has a chance to receive either the Salvage or Deep Dive keys upon top of the yearly Deep Engrams, so we’ll have no trouble getting everything we need.

Like the Season of Defiance keys, there is a limit to how many yearly keys you can carry at once. So, once you’ve got the most keys you can have in your collection, you should often do either rescue or deep dive.

What Is The Main Purpose Of Keys:

It will pretty much satisfy the key’s main purpose, which is to help guards get extra weapons and armor at the conclusion of each yearly action by doubling their engrams and giving them more.

That’s how it works. Get recovery keys along with deep dive keys within Destiny 2.

Although deep dive keys are far more difficult to find than rescue keys, the loot you get from both is pretty similar as well as worth the grind. Not only that, but the drop rates are also very low, so Guardians, good luck having fun out there.


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