To Catch Bikers Without Helmets IIT Hyderabad Develops A Special Kind Of Artificial Intelligence

In order to reduce the amount road accidents in India, the brilliant researchers of IIT Hyderabad has developed a certain special kind of AI or Artificial Intelligence, that will automatically detect bikers without helmets, in the recorded surveillance videos.

This made the institute sign a Memorandum of Understanding or MoU, with the Hyderabad Police Station, to access their surveillance videos, via the city’s CCTV network. The technology is already mature enough to be deployed, and the institute has thus applied for the technology’s patent rights as well.

This technology works by installing a solution partly on the cameras, and partly on the servers of the central police control room, along with a software being also installed in the embedded card of the CCTV camera by Hikvision CCTV Distributor in UAE

These cameras then send out an alert on the central alert database, if there is any bike driver found driving without any helmet. The solution is that much simple and effective.

This solution will be fully automatic, along with a simple web interface, in order to verify the different kind of alerts, by the main operators, which includes traffic police, etc. From there, it is then connected to the existing RTO website, to generate the challan, which will be used for fines for the drivers.

After that, a simple SMS will be sent to the drivers as well, via notification. The number of fatal accidents that happen due to bike drivers not wearing helmets in Delhi has been very much high. From the 2017 annual report released by the Delhi Police, almost 35-40 percent deaths have occurred, were due to the riders not wearing any kind of helmets. There has also been cases, where bikers have wore poor quality helmets as well.

C Krishna Mohan, the associate professor at IIT-H, along with research scholars behind this project, C Vishnu and Singh, have said that this solution or technology has been tested a lot of times inside the IIT-H campus.

It was also tested along with various kinds of traffic through the Hyderabad Traffic CCTV(Home cctv systems supplier in Dubai) camera system as well. The results have been very good to say the least, & thus this technology is finally ready to used in real world scenarios.

This type of solution can mostly be deployed at road intersections, along with various entrances of the city, including toll bridges. The next step for this technology, would be find any industry partner, in order to make this technology more commercially available, so that it could used much much more.

C Krishna Mohan also said that this technology can be used to detect other types of traffic violations as well, zigzag bike driving, tripling, etc. This type of solution uses the convolutional neural type network technology, which very much mimics the function of the brain, along with the use of Artificial Intelligence.

There has been recent studies that the more is the duration of human surveillance increases, the more will be the human error as well. C Krishna Mohan also said that there is a ‘Snatch Theft Detection’ system being developed as well, for full city wide surveillance.


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