New Korean Report Suggests that Samsung Galaxy S9 Will Come With 3D Emojis and Stereo Speakers

It seems that Samsung Galaxy S9 is likely to have one more iPhone-like feature besides face recognition. A new report from Korean news site ETNews suggests that it will have 3D Emojis as well, which will be Samsung’s answer to Apple’s Animojis. It’s surprising that this feature remained hidden till now and has come out all of a sudden when only a few days of official launch are remaining.

Galaxy S9

The basic premise of feature is same as that of Animojis – your Samsung Galaxy S9 will scan your face to create a set of 3D emojis that mimic your facial expressions and movements, thus bringing emojis to life. However, the ETNews report also suggests that it will not be entirely similar to Animojis and will have some unique tricks up its sleeve. What those tricks will be is not known yet.

The 3D emojis, once created, can be sent in place of other emojis on your phone. The feature will reportedly also have 3D characters of animals to make your chats even more fun.

It’s worth pointing out that Samsung is not the first company to work on 3D emojis after Apple. Huawei Honor also did something similar last year in December, merely 3 months after the launch of iPhone X and Apple Animojis. Now it’s Samsung’s turn to do it.

Stereo Speakers

However, besides 3D emojis Samsung Galaxy S9 will also have one more distinctive feature: Stereo Speakers mounted on the top and bottom ends of it. Reports have earlier suggested that Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus both will come with Dolby Surround sound tuned by AKG Acoustics, which is a subsidiary of Samsung. Now this has also been reported by ETNews, giving it more weight.

Final Thoughts

This is not Samsung’s first attempt to energize the messaging capabilities of its smartphones. With Galaxy S8 company had also launched Snapchat-style stickers that users could attach to their faces before sending into messages, and Galaxy Note 8 allowed its users to draw animated sketches for sending in messages.

3D Emojis, if they indeed come to Galaxy S9, will be company’s 3rd attempt to make messaging different on its flagship devices. Hopefully they can make Galaxy S9 more interesting, especially when we know that it’s not going to be much different from its predecessor.


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