This compelling deepfake puts Sebastian Stan in the “role” of Luke Skywalker

skywalker star wars

This deepfake of Sebastian Stan as Luke Skywalker in Return of the Jedi is most compelling, considering the incredible resemblance between him and Mark Hamill as a young man.

Luke Skywalker is Mark Hamill, of that there has never been the slightest doubt. The actor has played the character for more than forty years throughout two Star Wars trilogies and has proven to be the biggest fan of his work on more than one occasion.

However, Hamill will turn 70 chestnuts this year cannot be ignored, so any future iteration of Luke in the Star Wars franchise, at least when it comes to living action, is subject to technology or finding someone. A new actor.


In The Mandalorian, the big surprise at the end of the second season was Luke Skywalker’s presence to take Grogu (Baby Yoda) and train him in the ways of the Force. The team used facial rejuvenation technology to insert the young Mark Hamill’s face into the face of a body double.

However, there has been talked of a natural replacement for Hamill for a long time if that were the case, and it is none other than Sebastian Stan, better known for being Marvel’s Winter Soldier. The striking facial resemblance between Stan and Hamill has been a recurring theme on social media and in fan circles.

Now, a deepfake video from Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi has shown what Sebastian Stan’s face would look like in the Luke Skywalker scenes in the final movie of the classic Star Wars trilogy.

It must be said that the result is quite convincing and gives food for thought for the future of the franchise and the need it could have to make use of a young Skywalker in some of its upcoming films and series.

What do you think of Luke Skywalker’s version of Sebastian Stan using deepfake? Does it convince you?


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