New pistol in Call of Duty Warzone: that promises to be the broken in the game

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Call of Duty Warzone still hides weapons among its files. A player has found a pistol that was not in the game until recently, and it looks like it will prevail as one of the most powerful.

A new weapon has crept into the games of Call of Duty Warzone, and that is that the battle royale has served to uncover what could become the nightmare of many players. A new pistol has been found that already points to ways.

Sadykov, the name of the gun, is a weapon from Call of Duty Modern Warfare that was already seen in a leak that anticipated its departure to the game. However, this weapon can now be equipped in Warzone, although it does not appear intentional.

Using Bloody Loot, the player (RestlessGoats) who found this weapon could equip it and described it as a highly effective pistol. It is an automatic pistol that can fire its twelve bullets at a blazing speed.

Of course, if you add akimbo to this high cadence, we could be talking about the Sykov running as the heir to the infamous dual Giamatti, who already broke the game once due to their power.

Being a secondary weapon, it would not imply carrying Excess means, which allows equipping Ghost as an advantage.

As for the launch of this weapon officially, there is nothing explicit, and it is that the Sadykov pistol belongs to Modern Warfare, a game that has been “relegated” after the launch of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War .

Here you can take a look at the gun.
Regarding the future of the saga, it has been known that Sledgehammer Games would develop the Call of Duty of 2021, creators of WW2.


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