The World’s Top Bestsellers to Read

The World’s Top Bestsellers to Read

Reading is a fascinating hobby of many people. Books give people happiness and a lot of amazing emotions, just as this site gives its users the best bonus for bet. In this article, we will figure out with you which books are definitely worth reading if you haven’t read them yet. In this top, you will find the most popular and socially recognized books that are not only fascinating but also useful. Well, let’s start our top.

Harry Potter

Year of release: 1997.

Author: D. Rowling.

A series of fascinating fairy tales about the young wizard Harry has become the most popular in the world, and not only among children.

The circulation of books translated into 67 languages is breaking records in the world book market: more than 400 million books were bought by Hogwarts fans only in the first 11 years after the book was published.

The sensational series of books became the basis for the films of the same name, after the appearance of which Harry Potter fans significantly arrived on the shelf.

Haven’t you read about Harry to your children yet? It’s time to fill this gap!

Lord of the Rings

Year of release: 1954.

Author: D. Tolkien.

No less popular than Harry Potter, a series of books (or rather a large book of 3 parts) about the fabulous ring of omnipotence has conquered many people (approx. – the circulation has already exceeded 500 million copies). The world of hobbits and dwarves, the terrible Mordor and the eye of Sauron, Frodo and Gandalf – perhaps there are practically no people who have not heard of them.

Films based on the books have become a pleasant surprise for Tolkien fans, although it is certainly impossible to replace the writer’s books — even if they are of high quality — with a film adaptation.

It is worth noting that Tolkien’s first book about hobbits sold a solid circulation – more than 100 million. This backstory to the main books (“The Hobbit or there and back”) is listened to and read with pleasure by children who have not yet grown up to the trilogy itself.

One of the cult books of the 20th century definitely deserves its honorable 2nd place.

The Little Prince

Year of release: 1943.

Author: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

How to say the most difficult is accessible and simple? Exupery knew how, answer the most pressing questions in his book, which instantly gained popularity immediately after the first publication.

In addition to the most amazing fairy tale, the author also gave the world his illustrations, which are in various interpretations, but still present in a variety of editions of the book – by the way, translated into 100 languages and sold more than 200 million copies.

The Da Vinci Code

Year of release: 2003.

Author: D. Brown.

Just a few years after the release of this novel, the circulation “exceeded” 81 million copies. The book is a bestseller, translated into 44 languages, and successfully filmed. No other book written in the same genre of a thriller with an intellectual bias has gained such popularity after.

The author managed to masterfully pull the invisible strings of the reader’s soul: even after 14 years, the book is being bought very actively and no less actively arguing about the ideas put forward in it.

To a large extent, the book was advertised by the speech of Archbishop Angelo, who openly condemned this literary masterpiece.

The Alchemist

Year of release: 1988.

Author: P. Coelho.

A novel understandable to any generation, and necessary for everyone. A book that will be the perfect springboard into a new world of self-development. A cure for depression and wind in the back for everyone who does not have the courage to move forward.

One of the best-selling novels, whose circulation has long exceeded millions. A fairy tale is a parable about striving for your dream, published in 117 countries and written in an accessible language.

The novel “The Alchemist” is among the most important books that teenagers should definitely read.

The Green Mile

Year of release: 1996.

Author: Stephen King.

King’s acclaimed novel has surpassed many literary bestsellers in popularity. The story about the prison block for death row, which is led by the former, already aged warden Paul, brought many readers to tears.

The book was filmed in 1999, and the film starring Tom Hanks still holds a leading position in the rating of the best.

A novel with 100% presence effect.

Gone with the Wind

Year of release: 1936.

Author: Margaret Mitchell.

A filmed novel, the name of which is familiar to readers of almost any country. An amazing book about love (as well as friendship, loyalty, betrayal …), which happened against the background of the Civil war in the United States.

The worldwide love of readers and 8 Oscars for the film adaptation, more than 50,000 copies sold on the first day of the novel’s release, 31 reprints, and more than 40 million copies (however, this number is constantly growing).

If you have not yet had time to enjoy this literary masterpiece, do not deny yourself the pleasure – time will not pass in vain.

The novel “Gone with the Wind” is one of the most beloved and widely read women’s novels.


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