The First 3-in-1 Convertible Earbuds In The World, Called the Airloop


In case if you crave from wireless earbuds with new technologies, then this should be your perfect pick. The Airloop is a multi-functional earphone, that will help you choose the way you want to want to use it.

Whether you want to use it along with a neckband, or without it – the choice is totally yours.

The design has been made in such a way that the user can easily attach the wireless earbuds to the sportband or neckband via the Patented AirLook Hook Technology and the AirLoop Link Technology, is indeed amazing – and this only makes the Airloop – the coolest earphone currently in the world right now.

So, without much further ado, let’s jump in-depth into the features of these revolutionary wireless earbuds:

● Design: The earphones come with the 3-in-1 magnetic design. This means you can use it freely, without any wires, like a true wireless earbud. Or you can use it with its provided sportband, while you’re working out. Or you can use it with the provided neckband as well.

The earbuds connect to the neckband via the AirLoop Link Technology or connect to the sportband via the AirLoop Hook Technology. All these technologies have a magnetic connection.

● Battery Life: The AirLoop will revolutionize the way you use your wireless earbuds, as these earphones come with amazing battery life to boot.

The earbuds on itself can last up to 10 hours of continuous usage. If you want more juice to that, then the provided charging case will provide an extra 80 hours of continuous usage. The sportband will add another extra 3 hours to that list. And finally, the neckband will provide an additional 12 hours to that time as well. This means you’ll be getting a total of 105 hours of battery life.

● Water & Sweat Resistance: The earphones come with standard IPX7 water and sweat resistance, which means that the user can easily use this earphone during rain or excessive workout sessions. Whether you go for touring or training, this earphone is guaranteed to work.

● Support For aptX Sound Quality: AptX has been the default sound quality standard for years, and there is no such exclusion on this product as well. The aptX rating ensures that you can experience the best possible sound quality over Bluetooth, and can be easily used by gamers, audiophiles and also athletes as well. One can easily listen to audiobooks or music without much distraction, by cutting down ambient noise and giving crystal clear signal.

● Low latency and Voice assistant: The earphones come with the latest Qualcomm smart audio chip, that helps in providing a stable wireless connection and also provide low latency as well. This means great and fluid audio with no such lag.

The earphones also come with support for voice assistants, such as Apple Siri and Google Assistants, including any other preferred voice assistants you want as well.

● Extreme comfort and total control: Due to the in-ear design, the earphone provides a very comfortable snug fit, and can also detect when the earphones are inside your ear.

Apart from that, you will find all your controls around the housing of the earbuds, so that you don’t have to take out your phone anytime.

You can find more details about the product at the following link:

Official website :


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