The premiere of Sword and Shield Arc Confirmed By Pokemon Journeys Promo

All the fans and viewers will be happy as well as excited to know that the Pokemon Journeys: The Series is all set to gear up for a new and upcoming arc.

It is sure that the new arc of the Pokemon Journeys will be taking on the interesting story of Darkest Day from the Pokemon Sword and Shield Games.

It is more exciting to reveal to you that the all-new and latest promo of the Pokemon Journeys: The Series did manage to tease up the premiere of the episode of the new arc. 

As you all know, the huge arc that will be coming to the Pokemon Journeys: The Series was confirmed earlier this year via an announcement that says the series will be moving on to a new time slot.

Now, the series did finally confirm that the new Pokemon Sword and Shield arc will be all set to release in with Episode 41 of the series. You must know that the launch date of the episode of the huge arc is 23rd October.

So all the fans will be able to watch the all-new episode and a journey that will be airing in Japan this October.

In order to celebrate the all-new and latest upcoming premiere of the Sword and Shield arc, the Pokemon Journeys: The Series did manage to release or unveil a new promo. The promo is all about the new episode that has the title as “Sword and Shield I, The Slumbering Weald”.

Pokemon Journeys: The Series, as you all know is a series that will describe the arc of the Darkest Day. One thing that all of you need to know is that there are so many fans of the series that are residing in every corner of the world.

So the new episode is going to gain huge popularity as soon as it will release on October 23. 


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