New Stardew Valley Update May Add Splitscreeen Co-Op

It is an exciting piece of news for all the fans as well as critiques to know that the new big update for the Stardew Valley 1.5 may add the split-screen co-op to one of the most popular and well-known games for the first time ever.

You will be happy to know that director Eric Barone did reveal about so many essential details earlier this week about the new update for the game. 

Earlier this year, Eric Barone did unveil that he has been working on several different projects in order to complete all of them as soon as possible. Some may think it as a coincidence but it is not that the free update of the game was announced at the same time around.

You must be wondering if Barone has gone too far to tease the possibility of the new game sequel, Stardew Valley 2. But before any of those things will take place, it is essential for the game to get the 1.5 update release.

So there is not a thing that fans want to focus on rather than the new game update of Stardew Valley that may add the split-screen co-op in its latest update.

All of you must know about the popular game, Stardew Valley. But if you are not familiar with it then you need to know that it is described officially as an Open-Ended Country Life RPG game.

It will be possible for the players to inherit the old farm plot of which belongs to the player’s grandfather in the game, Stardew Valley. There are crops that you will have to grow along with so many other things to earn a living.

It is indeed an exciting and interesting game for which most players are hoping to get updates soon. 


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